New Zealand TimeLine

  • First European in New Zealand

    First European in New Zealand
    Abel tasman became the first Eurpoean to land in New Zealand.
  • Tasmania

    Abel Janszoon Tasman discoverd Van Diemen's which is now known as Tasmania.Unfortunatly Abel Janszoon Tasman died at age 56 in 1701.
  • Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria
    Queen victoria (the british) colinized New Zealand.
  • Own Monarch

    Own Monarch
    The Maori's responded to britans colinization and created a monarch of their own.
  • War is done!

    War is done!
    The Maori war in New Zealand ended.
  • Women were Givin the Right to Vote

    Women were Givin the Right to Vote
    New Zealand was the first country to purpose the right of women to vote.
  • New Zealand Became Constictuted as a Dominion

    New Zealand Became Constictuted as a Dominion
    New zealand chose not to take part of the Australin Federation, New Zealand chose to become a self goverment for domestic issues.
  • Napier Earthquake

    Napier Earthquake
    10:47am on a Tuesday an earthqualke appreared and killed 255 people ,also destroying homes.
  • Watersiders Strike

    Watersiders Strike
    Workers went on strick for 151 days, It was the largest industrial dispute in New Zealands history. The workers protested financial hardships and working conditions. Up to 1,000 wokrers attacked a group of police who tried to stop them from going on strike.
  • Mount Erebus Crash

    Mount Erebus Crash
    A New Zealand airplane was taking a route to the North Poleand crashed in to Mount Erebus in Antartica killing 257 people.
  • Female protester dies

    Female protester dies
    A female protester diedfrom a serious brain injury she suffored becauseshe was run over in a picket line at Lyttelton Harbour.
  • Defending Americas cup

    Defending Americas cup
    New Zealand defends Americas cup, New Zealand was the only country to do so outside of the United States of America.
  • Deathly fog

    Deathly fog
    A Twin engine plan crashed in southern New Zealand because of the dense fog, killing 8 people and injuring two people.
  • "spies"

    New ZEaland prime minsistered inprisoned 2 sireal people for passport fraud. New Zealand prime minister quoted "no doubt" thieir spies.
  • Tornado

    A tornado in Auckland ripped apart there land, only one person died but 20 were injured.