Nets of Cubes

  • Nets and Mass

    Today, we looked at and attempted to draw nets of cubes. We also looked at Mass.
    L.O: To draw accurate nets of cuboids.
    We also created Time Toast and completed a worksheet.
  • Nets of Cuboids

    Instead of doing Nets of Cubes, we did Nets of Cuboids.
    L.O: To recognise and draw accurate nets of cuboids.
    To be able to do this, we need: a ruler and pencil - accuracy,
    To visualise nets folding to make cuboids,
    Be able to draw the nets and check measurements.
  • Homework: drawing nets of a box and an open-fronted box.

    Today, I did my Homework.
    We had to draw a box (net) which I found easy, and also an open-fronted box, which was a bit more challenging but still quite easy.
    I was able to draw both nets accurately (using a ruler and pencil)
    write down what each part of the box was. (Base, Side, Top, and so on).
  • Marking Homework, and continue to work on Nets.

    Today, we updated Time Toast, marked our homework, and did some more work on Nets. We swapped books with our partners so they could check our work, and they wrote something we did well and a target to improve with. To improve, I need to include the measurments in my work as well as just drawing the nets. What I did well was that my drawings and labels were accurate.
  • Plans and Elevations.

    Today, we filled in a sheet about: Plans, Elevations, and Isometric drawings. We used cubes to make shapes and then we drew them on the sheet.
  • Homework: Plans, Elevations, and Isometric Drawings.

    For the homework, we filled in the second part f the sheet, creating our own cuboids. We drew the plan, Side Elevation, and Front Elevation.
  • Symmetry.

    Today, we completed a sheet on symmetry. There were different shapes, and then the mirror line, and we had to draw accurately what we saw on the other side of the line. L.O: To reflect complex polygons in horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The date that we actually did this was 30.1.13 but it only gave you options from 1st February +.
  • Homework.

    The homework for this week was to tidy our books by glueing all the sheets in and to update Timetoast.
  • Reflecting Polygons.

    Today, we completed a sheet about reflecting polygons.
    LO: To reflect polygons horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in labelled lines of reflection.
  • Translate Polygons.

    Today, we translated Polygons using the Vector Instruction.
    I found this quite easy because it was easy to recognise the polygons and the Vector Instruction was'nt that complecated.
    LO; To translate a polygon on a grid using a Vector Instruction.
  • Homework.

    This week, our homework was to complete a sheet on symmetry.
    The second part of the sheet was to translate each of the shapes using the Vector Instruction.
  • Enlargement.

    Today, we are enlarging triangles and squares. We have completed two sheets.
  • I wasn't here.

    I wasn't here, so unfortunately dod not know what we did.
  • I wasn't here.

    I wasn't here again.
  • Zombie Maths.

    Today, we did Scatter Graphs. To help us and to make it more fun, we included zombies. We found out information about them and put them on our Scatter Graphs. I really enjoyed this lesson because it was fun and actually quite easy. Level 6/7
  • Pie Charts.

    Today, we found out information and represented it in pie charts.
    LO: To interpret information given in a pie chart.