Negotiations and conflict

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  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Renamo attacks police post. 5 dead - 4 police officers and 1 attacker.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Road traffic attacked on EN1. Three people killed. Renamo doesn't claim responsibility but urged foreigners to leave the area.
  • Renamo requests negotiations with government

    Renamo requests negotiations with government
    "Re: Need for Urgent Neegotiation between the Government of Mozambique and Renamo"
  • Round 1

    Round 1
    Renamo demands:
    1. Release of 15 Renamo prisoners
    2. Police withdrawal from Gorongosa
    3. National 'facilitators' to be present at negotiations
  • Round 2

    Round 2
  • Round 3

    Round 3
    Renamo agenda:
    1. Changes in electoral legislation
    2. Defense and security concerns
    3. Separation of party and state
    4. Economic exclusion
  • Armed clash

    Armed clash
    Vanduzi, near Gorongoza. Riot police fired at Dhlakama's "presidential guard" and Renamo shot back. 17 PIR forces injured.
  • Round 5

    Round 5
    Renamo demands parity on CNE, defined as 4 members from Frelimo, 4 from Renamo, and 4 from MDM, plus 2 from extra-parliamentary parties.
  • Edson Macuacua appointed Guebuza spokesman

    Macuacua had been removed from Frelimio Central Committee position as Mobilization and Propaganda secretary for suppressing the media -- including ordering copies of O Pais and Savana confiscated during party congress, and censoring speech of Jorge Rebelo, who was calling for more debate within Frelimo.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Attack on military post and arms depot, Savana. Five government soldiers killed and arms captured. Renamo denies involvement.
  • Renamo threat

    Renamo threat
    Renamo threatens to disrupt road and rail traffic on June 20, 2013. Brigadier Jeronimo Malagueta says Renamo will create "security perimiter" from Rio Save to Muxungue (Sofala province). Renamo also threatens to cut rail traffic from coal mines in Tete to Beira port.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Two fatal attacks.
  • Renamo General arrested

    Renamo General arrested
    Brigadier Jeronimo Malagueta arrested.
  • Armed attacks

    Armed attacks
    Road and rail services reopened, and attacks ensued.
    Ambushes on EN1 on two trucks. Lusa reports 3 killed and 6 injured.
  • Armed attacks

    Armed attacks
    Two armed attacks on civilian traffic on EN1 between Rio Save and Muxungue. No injuries. Passenger rail service suspended from Tete to Beira (Sena line). Coal train traffic cut in half.
  • Round 7

    Round 7
    Renamo seeks joint submission to parliament of a negotiated revision of electoral law. Frelimo rejects.
  • Govt troops arrive in Gorongosa

    Govt troops arrive in Gorongosa
    Report by Victor Igreja, reseracher based in Vila Paiva-Gorongosa.
  • GOM masses troops in Satundjira

    GOM masses troops in Satundjira
    Reported 1000 soldiers near Gorongosa.
  • Rio Tinto ceases operations

    Rio Tinto announces it will cease coal shipments due to security situation.
  • Round 6

    Round 6
    Government agenda:
    1. Renamo disarmament Renamo puts out 12-point document
  • GOM attacks empty Renamo camp

    GOM attacks empty Renamo camp
    Government soldiers attack reported Renamo camp near Muxungue. No injuries or captives.
  • Intermediaries visit Dhlakama

    Anglican bishop Dinis Sengulane and Lourenco do Rosario (head of ISPU) meet Dhlakama at his camp in Satunjira, Gorongosa. Dhlakama says government troops in region make it impossible for him to participate in talks in Maputo. Government demands Renamo disarm. Dhlakama's concerns:
    1. changes to electoral law
    2. depoliticize the civil service
    3. defense and security
    4. a share in newfound wealth of the country
  • Govt soldiers attack traffic

    Govt soldiers attack traffic
    O Pais reports that army has detained 3 soldiers, dressed as Renamo, found shooting at and robbing traffic on EN1.
  • Government response

    Government response
    Government agrees with most Renamo proposals, but rejects demand for "parity" between the two on the National Elections Commission
  • Round 12

    Round 12
    Government rejects calls for joint proposal on electoral reform. Voices of dissent within and outside ruling party call for compromise on electoral reform.
  • Renamo Satunjira meeting

    Renamo Satunjira meeting
    Renamo initiates 2-day meeting in Satunjira with 300 delegates. Delegates resolved that Renamo should oppose municipal and national elections without government concessions. Dhlakama opened the meeting by threatening to divide the country but was encouraged by US and EU ambassadors to take it back, which he did.
  • Extraordinary session of National Assembly

    Renamo does not propose its changes in electoral law.
  • Renamo boycott announced

    Renamo boycott announced
    Renamo declines to register to participate in Nov. 20, 2013 municipal elections.
  • Noticias editor dismissed

    Government removes Noticias editor Rogerio Sitoe and replaces him with political appointee with no journalism experience. Noticias had urged compromise with Renamo. Sitoe had attended and reported on a Dhlakama press conference on July 15.
  • O Pais and STV directors dismissed

    Two independent media sources, O Pais daily and the main independent TV station, STV, dismissed editors who have been critical of Frelimo.
  • Military negotiating teams

    Military negotiating teams
    Renamo and Frelimo named military negotiating teams. For Renamo: Momad Ossufo, Manava Meque, Jose Manual, Antonio Muzorewa, Raimundo Taio, Renato Martins, and lawyer Ezequiel Gusse. (Still had not met a month later) For government: Brig. Julio dos Santos Jane. Sengulane and Rosario have met with Dhlakama again in Satunjira.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Police station at Samacueza rail station in Muanza district. On Sena line bringing coal from Tete to Beira.
  • Renamo stops attending talks

    Renamo stops attending talks
    Approximation - Fauvet says "Renamo has boycotted the talks since mid-October."
  • Renamo/GOM clashes

    Renamo/GOM clashes
    In Mucodza, near Satunjira. Two Renamo fighters killed.
  • Matsangaissa anniversary

    Matsangaissa anniversary
    Renamo marks anniversary of death of Andre Matsangaissa. Dhlakama pledges no return to war.
  • GOM attacks Satunjira

    GOM attacks Satunjira
    DHlakama escapes. No casualties reported on either side.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Nampula-Rapale road - gunmen attacked and burnt a truck. Driver killed.
  • Renamo base attacked

    Renamo base attacked
    Police presented 8 Renamo demobs said to have been arrested in an attack on a Renamo base in Napome, Nampula.
  • Public protests violence and crime

    Public protests violence and crime
    Thousands march in Maputo and Beira to protest violence and crime wave and call for peace.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Pungue river bridge, truck driver shot after stopped by five gunmen.
  • Armed attacks

    Armed attacks
    Vunduzi, near Gorongosa. Eight GOM soldiers killed, 18 injured. Worst attack fso far. Also in Canda, Nhamadzi district, gunment attacked police post and health post. Convoy attakced between Save and Muxungue.
  • GOM attack Dhlakama's father's compound

    GOM attack Dhlakama's father's compound
    Dhlakama's father, Regulo Mangune, escaped during teh attack.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Gunmen attack Canda, in Gorongosa.
  • Dhlakama letter to Guebuza

    Dhlakama letter to Guebuza
    Calls for negotiated ceasefire, issues three preconditions for talks:
    1. Government troops withdraw from Satunjira
    2. National and international mediators, including Sengulane and Rosario, as well as SADC, AU, EU, US
    3. Postponement of local elections set for Nov. 20 2013.
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Gunmen attack convoy on EN1 between Save and Muxungue, killing one and wounding 10. Also an attack on road in Nampula.
  • Renamo requests observers

    Renamo requests observers
    Proposed observers: Mozambicans (unnamed) and observers from SADC, AU, EU, US, and UN. Previously GOM had agreed to Bishop Sengulane and Lourenco do Rosario
  • Renamo requests mediators and observers

    Renamo requests mediators and observers
    Proposed mediators: Gilles Cistac (constitutional lawyer); Bishop Matteo Zuppi (Italy); Thabo Mbeki; an EU Representative. National Observers: Anglican bishop Dinis Sengulane; Lourenco de Rosario, Vice Chancellor of Polytechnic University; Filipe Couto (former VC of UEM); Alice Mabota, Chair of LDH. Foreign observers: US, China, Portugal, Cape Verde, Kenya, Botswana
  • Armed attack

    Armed attack
    Gunmen attack traffic on EN1 between Save and Muxungue