Nathan's Timeline

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  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    This is the day I was born.
  • My Brother was born.

    My Brother was born.
    this is the day of my brothers birth. zachary is my only brother.
  • Moved to Jindalee

    Moved to Jindalee
    This was my childhood home. I lived here for 10 years, before moving to my second home in Forest Lake.
  • Jindalee State School

    Jindalee State School
    This was my only primary school. I started here in kindy and stayed until year 7.
  • Started at Centenary Panthers

    Started at Centenary Panthers
    I started U7s when i was 6. I have been playing footy for eleven years, and spent 10 of them at Centenary Panthers.
  • Great Grandad passed away

  • Great Grandma passed away

  • Moved to a new house in Forest Lake

    Moved to a new house in Forest Lake
    This is my second home. I moved here with mum when my parents divorced.
  • Grand Final

    Grand Final
    This was my first ever Grand Final game for my club team, It was U12s Centenary Panthers. we won 12 - 4.
  • School SKI TRIP

    This was the first time i went on a ski trip. I had a great time. Kyle Beckhouse and I were in the same room and were together for the whole time while we there.
  • Family SKI TRIP

    Family SKI TRIP
    I went to Perisher Blue with my mum, brother, sister, and family friend. we spent a week here and it was really fun. I was snowboarding.
  • P&O Cruise

    My family and I went on a cruise to vanuatu. On the way to Vanuatu, we stopped at a place called New Caladonia. This island was owned by France so all the people there spoke french. It was quite a wierd place and very dull. Not much colour at all. When we arrived at Vanuatu, it was amazing! All the locals had a stall to buy things they had made such as necklaces, earrings, anklets and other accesories.
  • Grand Finals

    Grand Finals
    This was my third grand final for Centenary Panthers. It was a very intense game and after it finished there was a big fight.
  • Got my Learners