nates timeline

By sp4g1
  • Nov 16, 1500

    the spanish explorers

    the spanish explorers
    spanish explorers traveled through the southeast some bring the sickness of north anerica
  • Jan 1, 1513


    ponce de leon sailed to the shore of pleasent bay
  • Nov 16, 1513

    ponce de leon

    ponce de leon
    ponce de leon sailed to the eastern shore of pleasent bay
  • Nov 28, 1565

    st agaustine

    st agaustine
    st agaustine was the city la salle entered
  • james river

    james river
    people ed near the james river
  • la salle

    la salle
    la salle headed an expidition through the great lakes and down the mississsippi river
  • the cherokee

    the cherokee
    the cherokee maid the new goverment and wrote there own constitotion
  • 1828

    the governer wanted to kick out the cherokee from there land and they did
  • 1830

    the usa governer forced everybody near the land to move onward they called it the trail of tears
  • civil war

    civil war
    the civil war started in 1861
  • the city

    the city
    they rebuilt the city in 1872
  • thc civil writes

    thc civil writes
    the people started the civil writes in 1950
  • the act of 1964

    the act of 1964
    the new congress passed the civil rights act of 1964