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Napoleons rise and fall

  • Birth of napoleon

    Birth of napoleon
    Carlo Buonapart and Letizia Ramolino were the father and mother of Naopleon. His father was a lawyer that represented the court of Louis XVI
  • Graduated Ecole Militaire

    Graduated Ecole Militaire
    Napoleon when graduated was ranked 2nd Leutinent in Artillery.
  • Ranked Grigadier General

    Ranked Grigadier General
    he was in the Committee of Public Safety.
  • Napoleon returns as a hero

    Napoleon returns as a hero
    When he returned to France he was given the command of the army to train them for invading Britain.
  • Emporer

    Napoleon was called first consul. In 1802, Napoleon was made consul for life. In 1804, he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I and seized all power of France.
  • British Defeating the French

    British Defeating the French
    Napoleon knew that they could not beat the British face to face, so Napoleon knew he most take Egypt, which was major colony of Britain, had great wealth and a nice route to India. Seeing defeat he ditched his army and returned to France.
  • Britain

    Napoleon never could defeat the British because of there great sea power. The Battle of Trafalgar ended Napoleons plans of invading Britain. Napoleon turned to his other plan which was the Continential System that would stop resources going to Britain, but that also failed.
  • Napoleon vs europe

    Napoleon vs europe
    During 1805 to 1807 Napoleons army defeated the Russians, Austrain, and Prussians. 1807-1812 Napoleon was ruler of Europe. Napoleons Empire included the dependant states and allied states.
  • Aristocracy

    1808-1814 Napoleon created 3,200 nobles. 60% were military officers while the rest where civil service or state and local officials. 60% of these new nobles where from middle class in origin.
  • Downfall of Napoleons Rule

    Downfall of Napoleons Rule
    Nationlism was the most important reason of Napoleons fall. It started when Napoleon decided to invade Russia. During this the people that were conquered decided to join together.
  • Napoleon dies

    Napoleon dies
    Napoleon takes his last breath
  • Paragraph response

    i think Napoleon preserved the revoltions ideas. He was able to conquor much of the european countries that were taking advantage of what they thought was a weak time for france and attacked the country. Napoleon was not only able to defend his country but hen defeat the attackers and take there land. Because of this i belived he preserved the revolution by taking power and organizing the country.