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Napoleon's Life

  • Napoleons Birth

    Napoleon was born August 5th 1769 on the Island of Corsica.
  • Period: to

    Napoleons Life Time

  • Scholarship for Military

    Scholarship for Military
    Napoleon was given a scholarship to a military academy in Paris at age 15. This was a French college, and although he was Corsican, he was not considered a true French.
  • Napoleon is Promoted

    Napoleon is Promoted
    Napoleon was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant at the age of 16. He was in charge of artillery, which was very diffulcult logistically because of factors such as supply lines, wind speed, and how the artillery supported the rest of the army.
  • Promoted to Captain

    After some victories in a complex 3 way campaign in Corsica, Napoleon was promoted to captain in the regular army.
  • Becomes Artillery Commander of Italy

    Becomes Artillery Commander of Italy
    After publishing a revolutionary pamphlet, he catches the eye of people in the committe of public safety, and is promoted to artillery commander in Italy. at age 25.
  • Austrians sign Ceasefire

    Austrians sign ceasefire with France, opening up the way for new military commanders.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    Napoleon returns to paris, and seized control of france by military takeover. He later introduced a new constitution to replace the directory, and became consul of france.
  • The Concordant is signed

    The Concordant is signed between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII. This allowed for Napoleon to begin extending his empire.
  • Britain declares war on France.

    Britain declares war on France.
    Britain declares war on France. Later, Russia and Austria join later in 1805. Napoleon cannot defeat Britains navy, so his goal is to lure their fleet away from the channel, so he can land his forces. This is one of the largest issues his campaigns will face.
  • Napoleon Crowns himself Emperor

    Napoleon Crowns himself Emperor
    Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of France at age 35. Also this year he created a set of laws known as the Napoleonic code, and started his major campaigns.
  • Napoleon defeats Prussia and Poland

    Napoleon defeats Prussia and Poland
    Napoleon defeats Prussia and its allies. He confirms treaty between France and Russia by dividing the territory of Prussia between it and France, leaving Prussia only a small area.
  • Invasion of Russia Begins

    Napoleon after being warned that Russia was invading, mobilizes his army and begins to march on Russia, despite warnings from advisors.
  • Napoleon defeated

    Napoleon defeated
    After defeat at Leipzig, where he lost over 70,000 men, Napoleon is forced to retreat to france. He is eventually captured by an alliance of Austria, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and others. After these defeats, and his retreat and attempt to counterattack from France, his marshals mutinied and he was forced to surrender himself to these countries, and abdictate unconditionally.
  • Exile to Elba

    Exile to Elba
    Napoleon is exiled to a small island by the Holy Alliance. HE gives up any claim to the throne of France or Italy.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Countries surrounding France are restructured by the Congress of Vienna.
  • Concert of Europe

    Most european Countries agree to help each other in times of need.
  • Napoleons Death.

    Napoleon dies of stomach cancer in Exile.