Napoleon Timeline

  • Birth of Napoleon

    Napoleon's birthday.
  • Becomes officer in French artillery

    He was made first lieutenant in french artillery.
  • Becomes a General in the French Army

    He conquered several countries in Europe.
  • Napoleon becomes head of the French state, establishes the consulate

    Gave France a stable government.
  • First Consul for Life

    He strived for peace against England and Austria.
  • The Napoleonic Code

    Equality in the eyes of the law, Freedom of religion, Separation of the church and the state, Can choose your job.
  • Emperor of the French

    Became the emperor.
  • Trafalgar

    Major naval battle between Lord Nelson and a French-Spanish fleet. Nelson won.
  • Continental System

    Hurt english industries and helped spur the Luddite protest movement unemployment in England.
  • Campaign in Russia

    Army was defeated, biggest lose in his reign.
  • Elba

    He got exiled from Europe.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Sent delegates to clean up Napoleon’s mess.
  • St. Helena

    He got exiled again from Europe and died.
  • Waterloo

    Suffered a loss to the Duke of Wellington bringing an end to the Napoleon Era.
  • Death of Napoleon

    He died.