Napoleon Timeline

By goodk25
  • Italian Campaign 馃煝

    Italian Campaign 馃煝
    Napoleon鈥檚 force was big in size and attacked quick. This forced Piedmont out of war and for Austria to retreat.
  • Egyptian Campaign 馃敶

    Egyptian Campaign 馃敶
    It was a disaster, but Napoleon hid these stories from his admirers in France.
  • Consulate 馃煝

    Consulate 馃煝
    The directory was overthrown, which resulted in this document being formed. It consisted of a three man government board.
  • Banque de France 馃煝

    Banque de France 馃煝
    This bank promoted the economic recovery and overall fixed the economy.
  • Concordat of 1801 馃煝

    Concordat of 1801 馃煝
    This kept the church under state control but allowed religious freedom for Catholics which lead to a rise in Napoleon support.
  • Consul for Life 馃煝

    Consul for Life 馃煝
    Napoleon gave himself the title of Consul, he created a title for his future heirs if he ever had any and created a new regime.
  • Napoleonic Code 馃煛

    Napoleonic Code 馃煛
    This outlines the enlightenment principles like equality before thr law, religious freedom, and abolition of feudalism. However, this also undid some of the reform from the French Revolution and it showed that Napoleon valued authority over individual rights.
  • Declared Self Emperor 馃煝

    Declared Self Emperor 馃煝
    He invited the pope to his coronation and while being crowned, took the crown out of thr popes hands. Napoleon proceeded to crown himself and his wife which showed that he thought of himself as a power higher than God or the church.
  • Battle of Trafalgar 馃敶

    Battle of Trafalgar 馃敶
    Napoleon prepared to invade England, this battle on the coast of Spain and the British where they destroyed the French fleet.
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire 馃煝

    Abolished Holy Roman Empire 馃煝
    Napoleon put together a group of states who proceeded to force the emperor to leave his position.
  • Continental System 馃煛

    Continental System 馃煛
    This started economic warfare, when Napoleon struck at Britain commerce. They blocked European ports to British goods and the British did the same in return. They both started to seize neutral ships by mistake that they thought were trading which angered the US.
  • Invasion of Russia 馃敶

    Invasion of Russia 馃敶
    Napoleon brought soldiers into Russia but Russians retreated east. They burned crops and villages along the way so the French were hungry.
  • Battle of Nations at Leipzig 馃敶

    Battle of Nations at Leipzig 馃敶
    The forces that joined together of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden defeated Napoleon and his Allies. This was the biggest battle.
  • Abdication 馃敶

    Abdication 馃敶
    Napoleon stepped down after the failed invasion and he was forced to exile. He was banned from the throne.
  • Hundred Days 馃煝

    Hundred Days 馃煝
    This was the time between Napoleon鈥檚 escape from Elba and King Louis XVIII going to the throne.
  • Waterloo 馃敶

    Waterloo 馃敶
    Allies reassembled forces while opposing armies met near Waterloo in Belgium. British forces and a Prussia army destroyed the French in battle.
  • Resistance in Spain 馃敶

    Resistance in Spain 馃敶
    Napoleon introduced reforms that underminded the Spanish Catholic Church however many Spanish people stayed loyal. He responded with bad repression which only encouraged Spanish Nationalism. This started Guerilla Warfare.