Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Napoleon is born

    Napoleon Bonoparte is born Aug. 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica.
  • Napoleon begins study at the royal military academy

  • Graduates from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery

  • Napoleon is given command of the French army in Italy

  • Accused of being too pro-French, Napoleon and his family flee their household in Corsica

  • Napoleon is promoted to General of the Army of the West

  • Napoleon marries Josephine

  • Napoleon draws up the Treaty of Campo-Formio with Austria

  • He returns to Paris a hero

  • Napoleon escapes an assassination attempt

  • France sells Louisiana territory to U.S

  • Senate proclaims Napoleon Emperor

  • ·Napoleon crowns himself Emperor in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

  • Napoleon is crowned king of Italy in Milan

  • Beginning of French occupation of Portugal

  • Divorces Josephine

  • Marries Marie-Louise, Archduchess of Austria

  • Russia declares war on France

  • The French fall to Spain in the Battle of Vitoria

  • Paris falls

    (Mar. 30-31)
  • Senate proclaims end of the Empire; Napoleon's wife and son flee Paris.

  • Napoleon is exiled to Elba; his wife and son take refuge in Vienna

  • Escaping Elba, Napoleon returns in South France

  • Napoleon rallies the French army

  • Napoleon is exiled to Saint Helena

  • Napoleon dies at age 51