Napoleon Bonaparte

  • The Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte

    The Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the town of Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. This island was transfered from the Republic of Genoa to France's property.
  • Napoleon's enterance into Brienne Military Academy

    Napoleon's enterance into Brienne Military Academy
    Napoleon recieved a scholarship to study at the military academy in Brienne-le-Chateau a town near Troyes, France.
  • Napoleon's graduation from Military Academy

    Napoleon's graduation from Military Academy
    At first Napoleon was interested in Naval duties but upon graduation was assigned as a lieutent of artillery. Shortly after Napoleon was stationed in mainland France much like every other French soldier at this time.
  • Seige of Toulon

    Seige of Toulon
    Napoleon first showed his expertice in the military by positioning the artillery to the ideal spot with an overlook of the harbor this led to Napoleons rise to Commander of Artillery.
  • National Convention

    National Convention
    Napoleon was serving time in Paris on the day of the protest of the National Convention Bonaparte was given full command to improvise the safety of the Tuileries Palace.
  • Napoleons marrige to Josephine

    Napoleons marrige to Josephine
    Napoleon shortly after the National Convention met a women named Josephine de Beauharnais they married on March 9, 1796.
  • Italian Army

    Italian Army
    Two days after the marrige Napoleon left Paris to take full control over the Italian Army. Napoleon led a successful invasion of Italy as well as defeating Austrian Forces and the Papal States.
  • Egyptian Campaign

    Napoleon attempted to seize Egypt and the Ottoman empire to increase the value of trade in France as well as take away from theBritish control of the seas
  • Napoleonic Code

    Napoleon set out to reform the laws of the French Government because of the contridictory and confusing after the French Revolution. Before this France did not have a set of laws for the people.
  • Emporer Napoleon

    Emporer Napoleon
    Napoleon becomes emporer as the consul tries to decide if he should be appointed "First Life Council" which he eventually was and at the Coronation Napoleon put his own crown on his head nstead of being crowned.
  • Battle of Friedland

    The Battle of Friendland saw Napoleons Army defeat the superior force of Russia bringing an end to the 4th coalition of France.
  • Napoleons Divorce

    Napoleons Divorce
    Napoleon divorces his first wife Josephine because of her lack to have children Napoleon eventually marries a women named Marie Louise to have an Heir to his throne as a suitable name his son was named Napoleon II.
  • Napoleons Words of Compromise

    Napoleons Words of Compromise
    On April 6, 1814, Napoleon sets out for compromise with foreign countries in favor of his son, but the Allies of the Sixth Coalition refuse. Napoleons compromise was recieved unconditionally on April 11, and is sent into exile on the island of Elba. The Allies allow him to keep his title of Emperor, and 1,000 men go into exile with him on Elba.
  • Napoleon escapes from Elba

    Napoleons sought out his first opputunity to escape from the island by sneaking onto the boat in which the commander of Elba was traveling to France.
  • Napoleons return to France

    Upon Napoleons return he began his final rise to power or which is better known as the "Hundred Days".
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon was first defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington and his armies who out smarted and tactically beat Napoleons Army in only a couple of weeks.
  • Napoleons Surrender

    It took napoleon nearly a month to surrender but once he did was sent into exile for the second time.
  • Napoleons 2nd Exile

    Napoleon was sent into exile for the second time in St. Helena where he would eventually die on May 5, 1821