By Morgra
  • Period: to

    Preserve gains/goals, or destroy them?

    I believe he did both. With his creation of the Civil Code, he gave many rights of equality and such. But then he also made himself Grand Emperor, which is one of the things the Revolution was trying to prevent. Either way, he did a pretty good job at leading France and gaining them power and rights and all that.
  • Birth

    Born in the Mediterranean island, Corsica. The day and month are probably not right, just something I made up.
  • Becomes a Captain

    Becomes a Captain
    Napoleon rose quickly through the ranks, soon becoming a captain at the age of 22.
  • Commander of French Armies

    Commander of French Armies
    After becoming Commander of the French armies in Italy, he won a series of battles. Soon, he became known for his Speed, Surprise, and Decisive Action. His gave France control of northern Italy. In 1797 he returned to france as a Hero and was given command of an army in training to invade Britain.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    In Paris, Napoleon took part in the Coup D'etat that overthrew the directory and set up a new government, the Consulate.
  • Peace With The Church

    Napoleon came to an agreement with the Pope, which recognized Catholicism aas the religion of a majority of the French people. In return, the Pope would not ask for the return of the church lands which were seized in the revolution.
  • Consul

    In 1802, Napoleon was made Consul for Life.
  • Peace Treaty

    A peace treaty was signed, but did not last long. A war with Britain broke out again in 1803.
  • Coronation

    He crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.
  • Period: to

    Master of Europe

    Napoleon was the Master of Europe. Became known as the Grand Empire.
  • Death

    Napoleon died after being exiled to St. Helena, a small island.