Napoleans Rise and Fall

  • Napoleon is born

    Napoleon is born
    Is born in Corisca
  • Comander of public saftey

    Comander of public saftey
    at the age of 24 he grew in the ranks and became the comander of public saftey.
  • Took part in d'etat

    Took part in d'etat
    Overthrew the directery and set up new government the consulate.
  • Expanding territory

    Expanding territory
    Napolean is trying to expand territory in France war.
  • Napleon comes to an agreement

    Napleon comes to an agreement
    Comes to an agreement with the pope which recognized Catholicsm as the religon of the french people.
  • Napoleon is made Consulate for life

    Napoleon is made Consulate for life
    Napolean is made a consulate for life
  • Lousiana Purchase

    Lousiana Purchase
    Napolean sold the United states for 15 million
  • Civil Code

    Civil Code
    Napleon's civil code is introduced.
  • Disaster in russia

    Disaster in russia
    napolean started to encunter problems in russia
  • Gains / goals of the revolution

    He destroyed the gains/goals of the revolution because he was the leader and the point of the revolution was to avoid a massive leader force.