By Chriiis
  • Napolean is born

    Napolean is born in Ajaccio, Corsica.
  • Period: to

    Napoleans life

    Napoleans accomplishments
  • Napolean starts military acadamey studies

    Napeoplen joins the military academy in france, age 9
  • Napolean graduates from military school

    Napolean graduated from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenenat; age 16
  • French revolution begins

    Mob storms the bastille. Beggining the French Revolution.
  • Napolean is promoted

    For courage and military ingenuity at an internal French battle at Toulon, Napoleon receives the new rank of brigadier general; age 24.
  • Napolean gets married

    Napoleon marries Josephine
  • Napolean becomes Consul

    Following a coup d'etat, Napoleon becomes First Consul of the new French government.
  • Signing of the concordat

    Signing of the Concordat between France and Rome ends schism between the French government and the Catholic Church.
  • Napolean is first consul for life

    New constitution adopted, making Napoleon First Consul for life.
  • France sells Louisiana

    France sells Louisiana territory to U.S.
  • Napolean is emporer

    Senate proclaims Napoleon Emperor.
  • Napolean crowns himself emporer

    Napoleon crowns himself Emperor in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris
  • Napolean creats the Grand Duchy of Warsaw

    Napoleon creates the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland), to be overseen by France; Continental system created.
  • Napolean divorces

    Divorces Josephine.
  • Napolean Remarries

    Marries Marie-Louise, Archduchess of Austria.
  • Napolean returns to Paris

    Napoleon returns to Paris.
  • Paris falls

    Paris Falls
  • Senate proclaims the end of empire

    Senate proclaims end of the Empire; Napoleon's wife and son flee Paris.
  • Napolean abdicates his rule

    Napoleon abdicates his rule and Louis XVIII, a Bourbon, is restored to the French throne
  • Napolean is exiled

    Napoleon is exiled to Elba; his wife and son take refuge in Vienna
  • Napolean escapes Elba

    Escaping Elba, Napoleon returns in South France; rallies the French troops.
  • Napolean begins 'Hundred Days' campaign

    Louis XVIII flees, Napoleon takes control, begins "Hundred Days" campaign
  • Napolean is exiled to saint helena

    Napoleon is exiled to Saint Helena.
  • Death

    Napoleon dies.