Nans timeline

  • I was born in West Memphis Arkansas at 8:33 am

    I gave my mother a hard time during child birth apparantly I didnt want to come out so I turned around. All she remembers was a nurse come at her. Shes not sure if she sat on her or knocked her out. From that point on my mother always said I never knew which way I was going.biosocial
  • Another move

    My father who was in the Navy was transfered to Corpus Christy, TX. They came in and packed all of our belongings, while my mom and I road a bus down to TX. I kept the entire bus awake running my mouth almost the entire trip. I fell asleep about the last thirty minutes. Mom always said I reminded her of the Bill Cosby skit 'Jeffrey'.
  • my 1st Birthday

    Up til this day I had refused to walk,but when everyone showed up for my party I got up and never stopped. biosocial
  • Afraid of Santa

    My mother hired a Santa to come to our house for pictures, and I was petrified of him. I wouldn't let go of my mother. psychosocial
  • Parents divorced

    My mother and I moved to Mississippi and I remember crying many nights for my father. psychosocial
  • parents remarried

    We moved back to Arkansas and I remember standing next to my mother at their wedding and thinking all is good now. psychosocial
  • Severe allergic reaction

    I was playing on the hammock by pulling on the grass to make it swing. I didn't realize that I was scratched my face until the neighbor noticed the whites of my eyes were swelling out of my eye sockets. I was rushed to the ER where they flushed my eyes. This fear of the rushing water into my eyes has scarred me for life. Today I can't put drops in them and I have extreme trouble putting in contacts.biosocial
  • My grandmother broke my heart

    Shortly after my grandfather passed away, she moved in another man. I couldn't believe that she could erase his life so quick. She wanted all of us to welcome him into our lives. It was so heartbreaking to me that I told her I wouldn't come around if he was there. This was the event that showed my mother I was strong willed and wouldn't let anyone stand in my way. psycosocial/cognitive
  • My brother was born

    The happiest day of life was the birth of my brother. When I got out of school my Grandmother was there to pick me up and when I saw her I ran as hard and fast as I could. I just knew he was here. psychosocial
  • My grandfather died

    My grandfather was the world to me and his sudden death began the downward spiral of my familylife. psychosocial
  • Move to Michigan

    My father lost his job, but luckily he got a job in Michigan with GM. I'll never forget the day we drove our UHAUL out of the state of Arkansas. I remember being hysterical on the ride. My father was exhausted, my mother was holding my two year old brother, while I sat in the middle of them just a hot mess.psychosocial
  • 1st person I met after moving to Michigan

    The first person I met when arriving in Michigan made fun of my sothern accent. At that point I became very quiet and didnt talk unless spoken too, except around my family. psychosocial
  • 1st day of 8th grade

    First day of school was very frightening for me, because I knew no one and my southern accent. I felt very out of place. Everyone seem to get along so well with each other.
  • Dont mess with my brother

    I didn't agree with the way my father was treating my brother ( he was very abusive towards him verbally) so I confronted him. This event created a distance between us that till today is still there. But it had to be done and I don't regret it.psychosocial/cognitive
  • Graduation

    I was very excited to be graduating and very sad at the same time. My father was moving to Tennessee the next day.
  • Moved out

    Moved out with my boyfriend. I felt very independant
  • Moved back home

    The boyfriend and I broke up. I felt I let myself down to have to move back home.
  • Began dating my future husband

    My first date of my future husband. I knew from that moment I would marry him.
  • Birth of first son

    This day was the beginning of my family.
  • Birth of 2nd son

    My second son Andrew was born.
  • Wedding-finally

    Finally I was getting married. I knew that I had done things backwards according to everyones standards, but I didn't care. My mother walked me down the isle, because my father refused to come to my wedding. This just showed me that she will always be there when he wouldn't.
  • 3rd son

    My 3rd son Nicholas was born.
  • Marriage fell apart

    My world began to crumbled. I realized my husband had a drug addiction he had been hiding for six months. At first I was in denial, but then I realized for my children and I to grow we needed to get rid of him. He was bringing us all down. So I through him out of the house.
  • More marital problems

    With all the ups and downs today was the day of divorce court. My boys and I are going to be ok. Their father has ruined their life, but Im going to rebuild our life. Come hell or high water.
  • First Job

    I found a job. HOORAY for me. I can now provide for my family.psychosocial
  • Lost our house

    The sheriff's department showed up to throw us out of the house. Luckily I was able to convince them to give me a few more days. I was able to get us into an apartment so they didn't have to change schools. They were so happy. ppsychosocial
  • My three sons and I move into an apartment

    This time began my new life. I had to learn how to take care of all of us with out a husband. I was completely stressed out for a while, but then I realized I could manage it. psychosocial
  • Schoolcraft

    My strength has grown and I finally went to school. I was even more overwhelmed than expected, but once again I found more strenght. cognitive
  • Graduated with Associates in Science

    Whoever would have guessed I graduated with my two year degree in only 3 years. Im very proud of myself. psychosocial/cognitive
  • New Job

    I got a nursing job at St Johns hospital in the ob/gyn wing.
  • Transfer to a new college

    The decision is made I am going to Eastern to pursue a bachelors in nursing
  • Graduate

    I did it again. Graduated with my BS in nursing. Now I'm only 43, and I am proud of whom I became.
  • First gandbaby

    My first grandbaby is born