my us history timeline

  • First time oil was found.

    First time oil was found.
    in 1859 Edin L. Drake used a steam engine to drill for oil. he drilled near the town titusville in pennsylvania. after the oil was discovered it became practical to remove oil form the earths surface.
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  • Craft unism

    Craft unism
    It was an organization of labor. Which included skilled workers from one or more trades. Samuel Gompers led the Cigar makers international unions to join with other craft unions.
  • romance and credit.

    romance and credit.
    The railroads brought the dreams of available land, adventure and a fresh start within the gras of many americans. this was only made possible by the hard work of the railroad workers... each railroad employed different kinds of immigrant workers. In 1888 when the frist railroad statistics were published the casualties total more than 2,000 employes killed and 20,000 injured.
  • The end of monarchy.

    in 1897, William Mckinley , who favored anexxation, suceeded cleacleaveland as president. On august 12 1898, congress proclaimed hawaii an american territory, although hawaiians had never had the chance to vote 1959 hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.
  • The west indies and mexico.

    The west indies and mexico.
    Between 1880 and 1920 about 260,000 immigrants arrived in the eastern and southern united states form the west indies. Many west indians left their homelands because jobs were scarce And the industrial boom in the united states seemed to promise work for everyone. Mexicans immigrated to find work and as to flee political turmoil.
  • The prohibition experiment

    The prohibition experiment
    the eighteen ammendement was put into effect. This ammendement launched the era known as Phrohibition, during which the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages were legally prohibited. Reformers had long considered liquor a prime cause of corruption. they thpught that too much drinking led to crime, wife and child abuse, accidents on the job and other serious problems.
  • The r ise of fascism in italy

    The r ise of fascism in italy
    By 1921 mussolini had established the fascist party. Fascism stressed nationalism and placed interests of the state above those individuals. To strengthen the nation, fascist argued, power must rest with a single string leader and a small group of devoted party members.
  • charles A. Linderbergh

    charles A. Linderbergh
    Americas mosr beloved hero of the time wasnt and athlete but a smalll town pilot. his named was Charles A. Linderbergh . he made the first solo flight across the atlantic ocean.
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    The Great Depression

  • New work opportonuties

    New work opportonuties
    although women had worked succesfully during the war, afterwards employers who believed that men had the responsability to support their families financially often replaced female workers with men. By the 1930, 10 million women were earning wages; however , few rose to managerial jobs, and wherever they worked, women earned less than men. fearing competition for jobs, men argued that women were jsut temporary workers whos real job was at home.
  • Hitlers final solution

    Hitlers final solution
    by 1939 only about a quarter million of jews remained in germany. but other nations that hitler occupied had millions more. obssesed with a desire to rid Europe of its jews, Hitler imposed what he called the "Final solution" a policy of genocide, the deliberate and systematic killing of an entire population.
  • Blitzkreig in poland

    Blitzkreig in poland
    on sept 1 1939 the german air force roared over poland, raining bombs on millitary bases, airfields, railroads, and cities. At the same time german tanks raced across the polish countryside, spreading terror and confusion.
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  • The axis threat

    The axis threat
    On sept. 24 1940 americans were jolted by the news that Germany, Italy and Japan had signed a mutual defense treaty, the tripartite pact. The three nations became known as the Axis powers.