My TimeTable

  • Born

    Born in the Ipswich Hospital.
  • Tonsles Out

    Got my tonsles out.
  • Meet Nicola

    Meet first cousin in Hospital, Nicola, the lonely one.
  • Rode first bike

    Rode my first bike, with training wheels obviously.
  • Kindy

    Started kindy with brother (Dylan). Dylan was in pre-school at the time.
  • Pre-school

    Started pre-school as Dylan was in 1st yr of primary school.
  • Primary School

    Started school at Sacred Heart in Booval.
  • First friend

    Meet Thomas and came best friends.
  • Joined Club Soccer

    Joined the Raceview Soccer Club with Dylan.
  • Learn't 1-100

    Toke the year aswell.
  • Learned an excistence

    The excistence in the time of human kind.
  • First M rated film

    Watched my first M rated film.
  • Chicken Pox

    Got the chicken pox.
  • First R rated film

    Watched my first R rated film.
  • Sacred Heart Soccer

    Did Primary School soccer for the year.
  • First MA film

    First MA rated film, I watched.
  • Finished Primary School

    Finished Primary School with Trudy.
  • Best true friend

    Meet Daniel, came best friends.
  • Started High School

    Started High School at St Peter Claver College.
  • My best friends

    Daniel, Domanic, Blake.
  • Finished Soccer

    Won grand final and stopped playing.
  • Finished Soccer

    Won grand final and stopped playing.
  • Meet new best friends

    Josh Sandnes and Josh Lock.
  • Learn't the alpherbet

    The alpherbet toke the year.
  • Won School Events

    Won school events. Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, Athletics Carnival.
  • RSA (Responisible Service of Acholic)

    Recieved RSA.
  • First Job

    Reloaded alcholic drinks at Ipswich Cup.
  • LAN Party

    First gaming club attended to.
  • My 16th Birthday

    My recent birthday at Plantations in Booval.
  • Got My Learners

    Got my learners on the EKKA Show Holiday.
  • First Drivers Education

    First Drivers Program I got involved in.
  • Second Drivers Program

    Second Drivers Program I went to.
  • Recreation Camp

    Camping with Rec class.
  • Leadership Camp

    More's and Chisholm's Camp.
  • Daniel's Party

    From going straight to Movie World, played pc games, sleeped over, more games, Wet'n'Wild, more Movie World, even more games, then back home. What a time!
  • Finished High School

    Finished High School with Blake, Dom, Josh, Daniel.