My Timeline So Far

Timeline created by slucas
  • My Birth

    I was Born on the 26 of the 5th 2003 and on that dy i was named Saarsha
  • My First Cat

    After I was brought back from the hospital i saww my dads cat grouchie.
  • My First House

    We finished our house's renovation
  • First Time on a Plane

    When i was 1 Year old I went to Melborne and met my family
  • Moved To Brisbane

  • Meeting My Best Friend

  • My first concert.

    My Best Friend and I preformed in The Wizard Of Oz and we were flower pots.
  • Kindergarten

  • Primary School

  • Cello

    I started playing cello.
  • Violin

    I started playing violin
  • Braces

    I got braces they didnt hurt to much
  • Travelled To New Zealand

  • First time in the emergency Hospital

    Had an allergic reaction to a mosquito
  • Piano

    Began playing Piano
  • Big Bash

    First Big Bash Game. When BRI won aginst MEL.
  • Primary School Graduation

  • First time my brother came to BRI

  • Started High School