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My Timeline

  • 1 year from now

    1 year from now
    At this time I will be starting my student teaching. I will almost be finished with my Bachelors in Elementary Education at University of Central Florida.
  • 2 years from today

    2 years from today
    Finished with school at UCF and I have received my Bachelors. I am now teaching at my favorite elementary school and teaching my favorite grade, 2nd!
  • 5 years from today

    5 years from today
    Teaching 2nd grade at Meadowlane Elementary and also finishing school to get my Masters. At this point I would like to become a school psychologist.
  • 10 years from now

    10 years from now
    Working as a school psychologist somewhere in either Brevard or Orange County.
  • End of my career

    End of my career
    At the end of my career, I am hoping that I have made some significant changes in many lives. I am hoping that I retire being Teacher of the Year at least once and also being awarded for excellence.