My Timeline

  • Birth

    The day my life began.
  • 1st Birthday

    I had my 1st birthday in my old house.There was a ladybug cake with a ton of people. The hole neighbor hood was filled with friends and families cars! It was pretty cool for a 1st birthday.
  • Starting School

    I was finally old enough to go to school and I hated the idea of going to school. I would always be scared to leave my mom, so just the thought of staying away from here for a few hours( it was only half a day because the school thought it would be to much for the kids to stay that long away from them) I didn't think it was going to be ok, but the teacher knew i was going to be scared so she stood by me the whole day! That and my mom told her if she could be next to me most of the time.
  • A KIndergarden Wedding.

    My friend Anna wanted to have a wedding with her best friend Carson so she found a white dress costume and Carson found a suit like costume. I was one of the beides mades and i woar a purple fairy costume. The teacher played the wedding music. When they gave eachother rings they were Ringpops, and insted of kissing they just hugged because kissing was gross.
  • Disney Land

    I was six years old, and i remember going to my grandma and grandpa's hose down in Ohio. When i arrived we ate some pasta and we sat in the sun room, and thats when i found out i was going to Disney Land! We dorve down there and it took all night but it was so worth it. When we arrived we got this house that was like a hotel but wasn't. Are house was pink and all the other houses were blue, green, and pink as well. Every time i went out i dress up as a princess from a Disney movie & had fun.
  • Bob

    When I was in 2nd grade I sat next to a boy named Eathin. He was really funny and he drew some weird looking people. One day i started drawing with him and we made a guy named Bob. Bob was a really fat man that had a to-to with a bikini top, he also wore girls makeup and a su-mo underwear. He had a monkey tail and smelled like farts. He had big ears and a baby curl on top of his head. He looked amazing.
  • My First ER Visit

    I had my first ER visit ever. I was pulling a wagon with my brother in it and my neighbor, Brenden, pushed the wagon and my leg got caught in the wheel. There was a pot hole (little holes in the road filled with rocks) and my leg got scraped open and over 30 rocks got in my leg my parents drove me over to the hospitel and i got 14 stiches on my left knee. It looks like the bottem of a smilly face. It wasnt done right, and it scared up looking pretty bad.
  • My Best Friends

    When I was in 3rd grade I had a small group of friends. Justin and Donivan. We would sit next to eachother every lunch time and when it was time for resses we would play the same game every day, I would be a T-Rex and chase them down. They were the only people I would ever play with.
  • Brenden

    In 3rd grade i had to sit next to someone I never even wanted to sit next to. His name was Brendan, turns out he was completely diffrent from what I thought. He was really funny. Brendan made jokes about all sorts of things. One of the sayings I remember him saying was, what if I bang my head on the roof of my desk and grape juice starts pooring out and the teacher would be saying BRENDAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING and i would say, Then the teacher actually calls him and says Brendan what are you doing?
  • Leaving School

    I left my old school, Holy Family, to go with my best friend Rachel to the new school, GB East Middle School, she was a really good friend of mine and I didn't want to lose her. So i went to the new school and I was extremly shy so people looked at me weird when I didnt reply. Worst part about it all, I didnt even have a single class with Rachel. But I made some new friends along the way.
  • I Left GB Middle School

    I left the school because of the bullying. My mom didn't like it at all when I would come home and tell her what happened. One day, something bad happened and my mom took me out as fast she could. She signed me back up to Holy Family. It was weird knowing that I went from one school to the next in the same day. I was going to miss my friends but its better that being there.
  • Holly Academy

    I left Holy Family because of family reasons. My parents looked all summer trying to find a school for us. Then, they found Holly Academy. I was scared to go there because I wouldn't know anyone. But it wasn't so bad. I met India, Liz, Amber, and Savannah. They helped me around a whole lot. I got use to the place and I wasn't worried anymore.
  • 8th Grade

    My best friend Brooklyeen isn't here anymore. But Amie, India, Savannah, Marshall, Jewel and a whole lot of my other friends were still there though. I was shy again for about a month but then I wasn't anymore. I made another friend and her name was Hope. We had a cool litte group of people and we stuck till the end of the year. All of us planed on going to the same high school so we we're still together.
  • Brooklyeen

    I met Brooklyeen in history class. I was still shy and it was weird knowing that I made friends with her. So in history class I was sitting inbetween Amber and Brook. They were really good friends. So i was making stupid faces at Amber then Brook taps on my sholder to see if we could trade seats. I turned around making a stupid face and she started laughing so hard. That it made me laugh hard. after that we started talking and we got really close and became REALLY good friends.
  • Town Fair

    So the fair was in town and I really wanted to go. I wanted to bring my best friend Amie so I asked if she wanted to go. She said yes and then we went together. We got green bracelets so we could go on anyride as many times as we wanted to. We went on so much rides, and won prizes. After the fair we went to a restraunt and got pizza. After that we went back to my house and had a sleep over. It was a lot of fun.