my timeline

Timeline created by ean121212
  • Day of brith

    The day that I was born on
  • Fist Christmas

    First Christmas as a baby
  • First Easter

    First easter as a baby
  • First Vacation

    Took a trip to the beach as a baby.
  • First Birthday

    Turned 1 year old. First birthday celebrated.
  • Preschool

    First day of preschool as a toddler
  • First day of lower school

    First day of kindergarten at pine lake
  • 5th grade

    First day of 5th grade at plp
  • First Day of Middle school

    Started the 6th grade and was the first day in middle school
  • Family Vacation

    Vacation to the mountains with my family
  • 7th Grade

    First day of 7th grade at pep
  • 13th Birthday

    First day becoming a teenager
  • 8th grade

    First day of 8th grade at plp
  • First day of high school

    Fist day of high school at pine lake
  • First car

    Got my first car at 15
  • Family Vacation

    Family to a vacation to the beach
  • 10th grade

    First day of 10th grade at plp
  • 16th Birthday

    Turned 16 and became a legal adualt in nc
  • Drivers license

    Date that I got my full drivers license
  • 11th grade

    First day of junior year at plp
  • 17th Birthday

    Turned 17 years old on this date.
  • Current day

    Present day in my life