My Timeline

  • My Pre School

    My Pre School
    I took pre school at 2-5 years. I kinda remember when my dad used to take me in his car to the pre school. There i met my friends and other people like the teacher and stuff. At that time I really like action and comedy movies. But most of them were mostly like Indian films, which I have to say it better than many other english movies. I was not really that athletic because i was young at that time. (Still more to witre but i forgot.)
  • Jain Heritage School

    Jain Heritage School
    I attended the Jain Heritage school to the age of 5 to 9. I have to say it was not the best school of all time. The education was good and all but the people there was very strict. There was also bullys. One time my friend reported an ant in the food. The teachers there were very strict. For example everything bad you do you get a punishment. Like if you talk to loud you stand outside the class, if you do somthing wrong in class you get a hit from the scale and that to it was a metal scale
  • CIS

    I attended this school from 2018 to the year 2023. I remember when I came to this school for the first time ever I was so nervous. When I came to my class teacher was telling us to give introduction which I hated because I was really shy at the time. But after a few introductions it was my turn. I basically said my name my age and other stuff. That day there were only new students because the other students were having a holiday at that time. And then the next day came then I met my friends.
  • Dubai (Part 2 of where i went)

    Dubai (Part 2 of where i went)
    We stayed there for 10 days. We spent 4 days in dubai, then we spent 4 days in Abu Dhabi And then we spent 2 days in a desert. We went to dubai first. There we saw The Dubai Frame. The Dubai frame basically shows the old dubai and the new Dubai for two different perspective. And then we saw the Burj Khalifa. They showed us the history of dubai when we were walking into the building. Then we had to go into an elevator to go to the highest floor we could. Then I saw the most beautiful view.
  • CIS (Part 2)

    CIS (Part 2)
    When I came to school the next day, there were whole lot of new people which let to meeting my friends which were Oliver, Anuraag, Avutka, Rayansh and Alex. Those were my friends at that time. I don’t know how we became friends. We were just like “yo bro wanna become my friend” I was like “Sure why not” and after that I started spending time with them playing football doing other stuff like just joking around. But then Covid hit. Then we all had to go to lockdown and do online classes.
  • Dubai

    I went to Dubai at 2019 December (This was before Covid hit.) I remember when I first landed in Dubai it was so different than india. The road felt so smooth. I mean dubai is one of those countries where you can go like 150 kph for like an hour unlike india where you have of course have to avoid traffic and stuff. And there were so many supercars like a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and even a Bugatti. I mean you don’t get to see a Bugatti every single day. And this was my first time here in Dubai.
  • Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi
    In Abu Dhabi we were in the Yas islands where there are so many fun parks like the Yas Go Kart and the famous Ferrari world. Well the first thing we did was to go to the Go kart area. And driving was one of my dreams as a kid, so I was really excited about it. First we had to pay and get our photo taken then we hopped on the go kart and then went off. I was driving pretty slow then i picked up the pace and then I as driving really fast and i almost crashed but in the end i was alive of course.
  • Online to offline (Part 2 transition to online to offline)

    Online to offline (Part 2 transition to online to offline)
    Fourth Grade was actually really boring because it was getting up at 8:00 taking my iPad opening up zoom getting the link and then joking the class. But after fourth grade came fifth grade where we finally could go to school in person. But the first few were online because they had to get permission from the government to let us in the school. But then few weeks later we finally could go to school. But then at the same time i had to wake up at 6:00 every day but i made that happen.
  • Online to Offline

    Online to Offline
    When Covid hit we had to stay in our homes cuz of lockdown. And then i had to spend a whole semester of third grade online. It wasn’t that fun doing stuff online. But the best part of online classes was that you can stay in your bed and do classes and homework because everybody was doing that at that time. And then third grade got over. After that fourth grade came. And guess what, we had to spend the whole year online in fourth grade. I mean it is kinda good because you can wake up late.
  • Online to offline (Part 3 Fifth grade)

    Online to offline (Part 3 Fifth grade)
    When I got to school masks were mandatory so we all had to wear masks. And they also announced that till they permission from the government the days would have to be half days. Then we spent the whole day basically learning and doing PE and other stuff. Then the government gave the permission to allow full then i met my other friend Saksham.Then we spent the whole year offline. Sometimes we had to switch to online cuz of the government telling us that Covid is hitting again and again and again.
  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth Grade
    Right now I am 12 years old. Sixth Grade which is this year. The Covid had dropped a lot since and i have made many friends through out year. This year masks are still mandatory only one semester has passed by. I am in wonderful classes like Dr. Gary, Ms. Veena, Mr. Kyle cooper And many other wonderful classes. Sixth grade is way different than elementary because the classes are 90 minutes and the homework is harder there is more work to do there is so many tests. Sixth grade is different.