My Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Karachi, Pakistan in the Aga Khan Hospital. My birth was the starting point of my life and marks the beginning of my life. Without my birth, I would not be here, today. I personally am a strong believer of fate and thus, my fate was determined the day I was born. This makes my birthday an extremely significant date of my life.
  • I Began Talking

    I Began Talking
    I Spoke my first words on this day. The fact that I so quickly grasped the languages spoken by my parents is evidence of my foundations of learning and gaining knowledge. I am an extremely talkative child and therefore, learning how to speak marks a great milestone in my life. In addition to being the foundations of my learning, learning how to speak allowed me to express myself, communicate with others and develop my own personality.
  • I began Walking

    I began Walking
    The day i began walking was an extremely important day of my life. I am an extremely active person and often have a lot of energy. Learning how to walk enabled my mobile abilities to perform to their fullest extent. This day marked the starting point of my physical capabilities as a child. I am extremely privileged to be able to walk and thus, this is an important milestone in my life.
  • I began Pre-school

    I began Pre-school
    Preschool is a moment in my life that signifies independence. This is the day where I finally left the security of home and my comfort bubble. Pre-school taught me to force myself to feel comfortable in a new environment. It was my first encounter that involved meeting new people, making friends, performing tasks and even began the development of my social manners. Pre-school is the day my social and academic life officially began.
  • First Day Of Kindergarten

    First Day Of Kindergarten
    Kindergarten was the official turning point in my life. I was introduced to the concept of independence to a more extreme level than pre-school. Kindergarten was when my priorities began to develop, along with my personality, my social influence and my interaction style with other children. Kindergarten was a time period that marked more learning than ever before and was a time of curiosity for me, as a child. It signified my aging and development from an infant to a toddler.
  • I arrived in Canada

    I arrived in Canada
    Having lived in a Middle-Eastern region like Saudi Arabia for 7 years, arriving in Canada was a big event. This is the day I realized that I would have to adapt to a totally new and different environment, both mentally and physically. This was by far, the greatest change that has ever occurred in my life, since I was born and impacted me in many ways. These ways include education, social life, my life-style and many more.
  • I started school in Canada

    I started school in Canada
    Education is one of the many priorities in my life and so the difference between Saudi Arabian and Canadian schooling really impacted me. School in Canada not only displayed different social habits, but also a different curriculum. First off, I was a year ahead in Saudi Arabia, due to their age/grade system and so coming to Canada forced me to go back to grade. Also, schools in Canada had a completely different learning environment and I had to readjust my norms and comfort zones.
  • I moved houses

    I moved houses
    Moving houses was an extremely exciting perid of time for me. Our first house in Canada was a house that had already been around for many years and had been lived in. However, our new house was a house that was built from scratch, accordng to our tastes and choices. This milestone developed my decision-making abilities and was a time in which i learned to further express my personality tthrough my choices. This house is the house that I am still living in and is the location of many memories.
  • I won a poster contest

    I won a poster contest
    In grade 7, we were required to design a poster on diversity and multiculturalism. However, I was not aware that the posters were to be submitted to a contest and therefore, I was in complete shock when my art teacher informed me that I had won for the poster contest. This is important to me because it was my first public recognition and the first award that I achieved in my childhood. This marks one of my initial accomplishments of my life.
  • Garde 8 Graduation

    Garde 8 Graduation
    My grade 8 graduation was another event that marked my independance. It signified the end of my childhood years and moving on into adolescence. My garde 8 graduation was also an extremely exciting event in my life and was a time in which i recieved recognition for my academic accompplishmeents. In a way, graduating from elementary school resulted in me entering the "real" world.
  • My sister went to university

    My sister went to university
    My sister and I are extremely close and so, when she went off to university, my life went through significant changes. I experienced what life was like as an only child at home and was forced to widen my social encounters due to my lack of company. This time period was a time of bonding for me and my parents and also taught me to be a little bit more independant.
  • First Day Of Highschool

    First Day Of Highschool
    My first day of highschool was a frightening experience for me. I entered a school where I didn't know majority of the population or the teachers, which dramatically contrasted with the environemnt of elementary school. I was once again, forced out of my comfort zone and had to make myself even more social and outgoing than before. This proved to be dramatic change to my shy personality and my academic priorities.