My School Journey

  • I was born

  • My younger brother Michael was born

    When my brother was born, my family and I moved from our home in Mississauga, to our current home in Burlington :)
  • First day of Junior Kindergarten

    I started my school journey at W.E. Breckon Public School in Burlington
  • Grade 5 Graduation

    W.E. Breckon was a primary school that only went to grade 5, so I got to attend a graduation ceremony from Breckon at the end of grade 5.
  • First day at Frontenac

    I went to Frontenac Public School, in Burlington, for my grade 6 year
  • First Day at Florence Meares

    A brand new elementary school was built in my neighbourhood for the start of grade 7, so I went to Florence Meares Public School for grade 7 and 8.
  • Grade 8 Graduation

    For the first time, I bought a formal dress and got an up-do for my graduation ceremony from Florence Meares. I also got to be the valedictorian :)
  • First day of High School

    I went to Robert Bateman High School from grade 9-grade 12
  • Commencement

    I graduated from high school in June of 2008
  • First day at BROCK!

    I started my 5-year journey at Brock Univeristy in September of 2008, in the Concurrent Education program
  • First day of Teacher's College

    I started teachers college in September of 2012...almost done school!