My Personal And Worldly Timeline

  • I was born

    I was born In Toronto, Ontario and on the 21 of April 1999
  • Period: to

    Personal and wordly timespan

  • First Time At My Cottage

    First Time At My Cottage
    When I first went to my cottage in 1999 it was an amazing experience because now I live up there in the summer and have tons of fun. Also my family and I have a boat up there so I can wakeboard. That is why i love my cottage.
  • Y2K

    Y2K was when many thought that all the computer systems were gonna crash and that everything would malfunction because it was a new melenium.Nothing happened in the end but at the time it was taken very seriously by many.
  • George W. Bush Was Elected

    George W. Bush Was Elected
    When George Bush was elected this meant a ton because the president of the United States is a very powerful position. He was elected in November of 2001. the president is like the police man of the world so he can make many changes and impact many lives
  • First Hockey Game

    First Hockey Game
    I played my first hockey game and that was the first sport i ever loved. It was at luther vipond in brooklyn and I have allways loved hockey since.
  • Sidney Crosby---Drafted NHL

    Sidney Crosby---Drafted NHL
    Sidney Crosby was drafted in the NHL in 2005 1st overal and now he is the most famous player in the NHL. Also when he scored the golden goal at the Olympics the whole world saw that and it was major news.
  • My first Tia

    My first Tia
    It was at Tcs and i was getting a tour and watching Tottenham band perform. My sister was getting her tour to apply.this changed the way i am today because i never would've wanting to come if i didn't go.
  • Vancouver Olympics

    Vancouver Olympics
    The vancouver olympics were a very big event bacuase it involved the whole world and we all got together and competed in the winter sports.This was also very large because CANADA WON THE GOLD METAL FOR HOCKEY:) and we are now the best in the world!
  • Landing 360 On Wakeboard

    Landing 360 On Wakeboard
    I landed a 360 on my wakeboard at my cottage. I was so sure that I couldn't land it and when I finally did I proved to myself that if I persevere i can do anything.