My Media Skills

  • Start of my media journey

    Start of my media journey
    I started doing media studies on September 2018, at the beginning of year 12.
  • Doing the swede

    As part of our foundation portfolio, we had to do a swede. It was my first practical work and I particularly enjoyed it. I learned how to make an effective storyboard and the detail that needs to go into each scene.
  • Period: to

    Learning new skills

    While we were doing the swede, I started learning new skills such as how to record with the camera and edit. I was quite bad at them considering it was my first time and the camera was much heavier than I initially thought.
  • Film Opening

    We soon started with our second foundation portfolio task which was creating a movie opening. I filmed much more for this task which helped me improve.
  • Editing the opening

    I started learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro which was a better programme to use for editing than Corel Video Studio then guided the rest of my group through using it.
  • Start of year 13

    Here we go again
  • Exam

    After our coursework was given in, we had to do an exam that would give us the other part of our grade. I got a C which was better than I thought I would get.