Ciclo de vida

My live

By Juan. V
  • First day in the wold

    First day in the wold
    I was born in the 05 of October of 2007
  • My oldest memory

    My oldest memory
    My oldest memory is a second when I was two years old. I was sit in my small bed with my dad and my beautiful blankets
  • Baptism

    I was baptized when was a baby in the San Juan Bautista de la Salle temple.
  • My first day in preschool

    My first day in preschool
    I started the preschool when I was 2 years old, my mom was really nervous, but dad was great, my mom say that it day I cried a lot of time,since I loved my house and go the preschool, was some new for my.
  • My preschool graduation

    My preschool graduation
    When I was 6 years old, I had my graduation of preschool, it day I played with all my friends, also we trip in a limousine, it was really funny, because we talked a lot of time and drank a delicious champin.
  • My first day in the school

    My first day in the school
    In my first day in the school I was really nervous, before it day, I had already been here, and it was the biggest school that I had already seen in all my live. But now I really love it school is really interesting and there are a lot of funny teachers and students.
  • Primary graduation

    Primary graduation
    In 5th course, I had my primary graduation, it was a great day and it day I finished primary and started secondary
  • Coronavirus

    One year ago, started the pandemic of the coronavirus, my live and the live of all the people changed. The word quarantine was the most popular word in Colombia and the people was really stressed and nervous
  • 8th course

    8th course
    Now I am in 8th course. the virtual rooms are something very strange, but we are trying see it as something normal and now the most popular word is vaccine.
  • My first company

    My first company
    After the school I will make my first company with my friends, it will be about new technology, inventions and new energies.
  • School graduation

    School graduation
    If I will be a good student, I will finish the school in three year, I will make party, with my friends and I will be free to study the things that I love and I will start to make my live, my objectives and my goals.
  • University

    I will study in an university, engineering systems, but first I will earn money to pay my university, because with with out money, I am not going to study in a private university
  • University graduation

    University graduation
    After my time in the university I will use my knowledge to improve my company and expand it, to all the world. Also I will save money to my future plans
  • Good deed and break

    Good deed and break
    When I will have a lot of money, I am going to give the half of all my money to the poor people, I will create my foundation and I will search it people to help them. After that I am going to have a break, I will travel to different places and I will buy a house to life with all my family in some beautiful place in the world.