My live

  • My live

    My live
    I was born in 2005, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country. My mother told me that I was very small.
  • School

    When I was 3, I entered to my school, Hogar San Jose, the best school i hace ever been.
  • My fathers wedding

    My fathers wedding
    When a was 3 years they celebrated their wedding. I was very little, so I don’t remember anything, but it was exciting
  • My second team

    My second team
    I like Alaves, but all my family is from San Sebastian, so i like Real Sociedad too.
  • My first footbal team

    My first footbal team
    When I was 8, I started playing on Ajuria-Abendaño. I have play all my live football, all my family likes it.
  • Travel

    The first time that i went to another country, Turquia. I love that country, it is very different, and I like it.
  • I liked play station

    I liked play station
    When the play station arrived, I started playing a lot, know, I now that it is not a good thing to play, but wen I was younger i loved it.
  • Valencia

    I went to valencia to see the match between Levante and Alaves. We lost but it was an incredible experience
  • When my nephew was born

    My brother had a daughter. Its the most beautiful girl I had never seen
  • Ireland

    I went to Ireland 1 month. It has been an incredible experience. Its the beast country I have ever been.