After 9/11 they started to be more strict about airport security to avoid the same thing happening again. Now you have to go through detectors and taking everything out of your bags to check and make sure no one is a terrerist.
  • GPS

    In 2002, they decided that there should be built in GPS system in cars so it is easier than using a phone or a map. this is so that no one gets lost when going pleases they are not familiar with,

    In 2006, instead of using vcr's and regulaor dvd's, blueray came out. It offers 5 times more storage compacity than a regular dvd.

    The play station 2 is a video gaming device that alot of people wanted to play on. It came with many games and you could interact with other people and play them all over the world.
  • WII

    The wii is a game that most kids loved to play. You had to get wii games and remote and you could play sports or any game. He remotes had a sensor so that you could play without it being connected to anything.
  • iPHONE

    The first iphone came out in 2007. It is a phone with apps, and the whole entire thing is touch screen. As time went on they came out with the iphone 4,4s and recently the iphone5.

    The ipod touch came out before the iphone and it was an ipod but with a touch screen.

    The macbook came out in 2008. It was the first laptop that was really skinny from apple. Alot more came out after this but this was the first one that everyone bought.
  • iPADS

    The ipad is a bigger version of the iphone except its not really a phone. You can do almost anything on it. the first verson came out in 2010 but there is a second one that has only been out for about a year.
  • iphone5

    Recently the iphone5 came out. it is bigger and flatter than the iphone4 and more expensive. Also it has a lot more features and the camera is better.