2013 clip art

My life timeline

By ghe5
  • When I was born

  • my first steps

    I was at a zoo and my parents took me to the park andi took my first steps !
  • My first word

    My first word was momma.
  • Disney time!

    Disney time!
    I went to disney with my family and chip and dale picked me up and ran away with me and then they brought me back !!!
  • puppies!

    I got my two puppies , Bilbo and Diva from my uncle who brought them from California.
  • Pencil is stuck in my foot !

    I was running around in my bat man pjs and a pencil got stuck in my foot !
  • My b-day

    I had a big carnnival themed party in my back yard with games , cotton cany , carmle apples , and all of my good friends
  • New York

    New York
    Me and my family went to New York to our family house and watched fire works.
  • Broken Arm :(

    I was on vacation when I was 5 and I broke my arm .
  • My fifth b-day

    I did a fashion show with my friends and put on make up and dress up.
  • I moved

    I moved from all my friends , but they felt like family to me .
  • I started Green Hope

    I started Green Hope
    I got one of my favorite teachers .
  • Wilimington

    I went to visit my friends in wilmington and saw the U.S battle ship !
  • Hawii

    I got to go to Hawii !
  • Last year

    Last year
    I started my last year of Elemetry school .