My life time line

  • I was born!

    I was born
  • I moved to Dehli

    I moved to Delhi with my family.
  • haircut ekk!

    i had my first haircut it was very painful!
  • moved to london

    I moved to London cause my father wanted to study. I really did not care I moved because i was 2.
  • Started School

    I started school back then it was fun!
  • I moved to dubai

  • Started School in Dubai

    My father got a job I started School it was awesome
  • Moved Schools

    I moved Schools I was so sad but when I came to DIA i was exited and scard if i don't get in this school or if I get in.
  • My mom got a job

    My mom got a job she hoped she would like it. It was genesis instutute.
  • My mom joined a new job because she quit the other one

    When she realized she was in such a good mood i was happy.