my life story

Timeline created by paolatobo
  • Birth

    I was born in Bucaramanga, in 1997
  • Birth of my first brother

    My brother was born in Bucaramanga, in 1998
  • Birth of my second brother

    My brother was born in Bucaramanga, in 2002
  • School start

    I started in 2003, at the Santa Barbara School
  • Graduation of five

    My fifth grade graduation was in 2008
  • Change of school

    Change schools in 2009, school las americas
  • My first communion

    I made my first communion in 2011
  • 15th birthday

    Celebrate my 15th birthday with family and friends
  • Graduation

    I graduated from high school in 2014
  • Second graduation

    The same day I received my degree as a marketing technician
  • last year party

    In 2014 we held our graduation party
  • Beginning of studies

    I started studying my technology in market management
  • Job

    I worked on weekends looking after a girl
  • Practices

    I did my internship in the company Jardines la Colina.
  • Third graduation

    I graduated as a market management technologist
  • My work

    I started working with the popular bank
  • Travel

    Trip to boyaca with my best friend and my brother.
  • University entrance

    I started to study remotely at uis
  • My second trip

    During my work vacation I traveled to some towns in Santander
  • Further studies

    I started taking additional courses to complement my study
  • Celebration of my best friend

    we celebrate graduation as my friend's engineer
  • Third travel

    In February I traveled to Barrancabermeja
  • farewell to my friend

    In 2020 we made the farewell of my friend went to mexico