my life span

By sahar81
  • Birth

    i was born in a natural birth in the city of Beirut, Lebanon
    i weighed about 9 pounds and measured 23 inches in hight
  • Period: to

    The first two years

  • Cognitive development: first word "mommy"

    cognitive development:
    i was smiling and cooing at 2-3 month of age
    i started babbling words at 6 month of age
    i spelled my first word at 10 month of age
  • Biosocial development: First steps

    Biosocial development:
    i was breastfeed till about 9 month of age
    i started sleeping through the night at 4 month of age
    i didnt crowl and took my first steps at 12 month of age
  • Psychosocial development: Toillet training

    Psychosocial development:
    i was a happy baby and had very good temperment
    I developed a secure attachment with my mom as early as few month old
  • Period: to

    Early childhood

  • Baby sister is born

  • Cognitive development: Learning a new language

    Cognitive development:
    I loved looking at colored picture books at 3 years of age
    I started learning english which is my second spoken language at 4 years of age
  • Biosocial development: Chicken pox

    Biosocial development:
    i was physically developing with a healtyh weight
    my nutrition consisted of healthy home cooked meals and i was never exposed to fastfood
    i lost my first tooth at 5 years of age
    i contracted chicken pox at 5 years of age despite being having immunization and got real sick for one week
  • Psychosocial development: grounded for three days for emetying mom's perfume in my toy bathtub

    Psychosocial development:
    felt a great amount of sadness to witness my baby sister sobbing on her first day of school.
    I enjoyed pretend play with my baby sister.
    My parents practiced the authoritarian parenting style and expected a high behavioral standard from me
  • Period: to

    Middle childhood

  • Cognitive development: Build an electrical circuit for a science project

    Cognitive development:
    Experimenting more in science projects.
    I excelled in Algebra at the age of 10.
    I had to learn French, a third language at the age of !2.
  • Biosocial development: joined the basketball team at school

    Biosocial development:
    I started gaining weight about 9 years of age
    My height gave the advantage to join the basketball team at school
  • Period: to


  • Biosocial development: Reached pubirty

    Growth spurt and development of female secondary sex charecteristics.

    Bad nutrition habbits : skipping meals inorder to lose weight
  • Cognitive development: Passed my first goverment high school official examination

    I struggled a bit with my studies.
    My emotional reasoning was stronger than my analytic reasoning.
    My parents made a big effort to keep me focused academically.
  • Psycosocial development: first crush

    A very emotional period in my life in my life.
    Felt depressed after my best freind moved out of country.
  • High school graduation

  • Period: to

    Emerging adulthood

  • Cognitive development: Attending college

    My reasoning advanced throught college.
    I interacted with a diversity of people with different backgrounds and cultures which expanded my knowlege and influenced my thoughs and morals.
  • Biosocial development: struggling with maintaining a healthy weight

    Physical appearance was very important to me.
    I was very critical of my looks.
  • Psychosocial Development: Meeting my future huband

    I was ready for love and romance.
    My family still supported me financialy and emotionally.
  • Emegrating to the United States

    Perhaps one of the most influential event in my life, this event changed my life forever.
  • Psycosocial development:Tied the knot with hubby

    I felt ready for a long commitment.
    A period of huge adjustment and changes in my life.
    Marital happiness dips a little after the honeymoon.
  • Biosocial development:First Pregnancy

    I became very sick during my first trimester in my pregnancy and needed to be hospitalized from severe dehydration.
    I was overwhelmed with the physical change during and after pregnancy and experienced a mild postpartum depression.
  • Biosocial development: Second pregnancy

    Changing my eating habits and learning how to make healthy choices.
    I started exercising on a schedule.
    I felt very healthy and active during my second pregnancy and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Period: to


  • Biosocial development: Getting back in shape

    changing my life style and eating habbits payed off, i lost 45 pounds and kept it off.
    I felt more fit then i ever did in my whole life.
  • Psycosocial development : child rearing

    My role as a caregiver gave me great satisfaction.
    Parenthood can become challanging but it was very rewarding to me.
    Marital happiness improves with time.
  • Cognitive development: going back to school

    felt the need to challange my brain and improve my knowelege
  • Cognitive development:Getting selected for admission in a nursing program

    A big improvment in interpersonal intelligence.
  • cognitive development:Graduating nursing school

  • Cognitive development:Getting my first job in nursing

    Intelligence improves with experience and social interaction.
  • Biosocial development: running half a marathon.

    Trying to keep good health habits.
    Taking protective measures to avoid poor health issues.
  • Psycosocial development; balancing career and family

    Trying to adapt to more responibilties at work and home.
    Combining work schedule, caregiving requirments, and intimacy needs is very challanging.
  • Biosocial event: yoga and meditation

    Trying to vent away increased stress at work and with teen agers at home
  • psycological event: my oldest son moving away for college

    A very hard emotional transition
  • psycological event: Empty nest

    my youngest son moves away for college.
    I have more free time on my hand than i ever did.
    My freinds are a big support and since we have more time to spend together, our companionship is a great stress releifer
  • Cognitive event : Reading an average of one book a week

    Increasing crystallized intelligence.
  • Biosocial development : starting menopause

    The symptoms of the hormonal changes due to menopause such as hot flashes and elvation in blood pressure were hard for me to deal with in the begining.
  • Biosocial event: getting Botox

    Noticeable changes in my appearance bothers me but have no impact on my overall health.
    Dying my grey hair and trying to reduce the signs of aging through little Botox.
  • First grandchild

  • Psychosocial development: Retirment

    A well planed retirment allows the time and means for leisure and travel for me and hubby.
    Getting more in touch my spirituality and religious institutions.
  • Biosocial event : diagnosed with high Blood pressure

    Monitering my salt intake and trying to stay healthy.
  • Psychosocial event: strong family ties

    Feeling respected and appreciated from family and freinds brings me joy in my old age.
    My hubby and i safeguard each other's health.
  • Biosocial event: Detriorating health

    Age- related decline in the immune system contributes to my increasing vulnerability to diseases.
  • Death

    My strong faith and belief in life after death gives me great comfort in my final days.
    I died peacfuly in my home surrounded by my kids and grandkids.
    My family griefed my passing.