My life Over The Years

  • Birth

    Born 5 weeks early
  • developmental milestone

    Took my first steps at 9 months
  • Milestone #2

    Said my first word besides momma or dada which was cat
  • The learning years

    learning my name and age and also became pottytrained
  • School days

    Started my first day of school
  • Christmas Play

    Did my first christmas play
  • 3rd grade

    Joined my school band
  • middle school

    started 7th grade
  • 8th grade

    I was in my school drama club, choir, concert band and marching band plus science club
  • Spring break

    went to Chicago with my 8th grade class for spring break (5 days4 nights)
  • High School

    First day of high school Cass Tech in downtown Detroit
  • High school band

    joined my high school marching band continued band till my junior year
  • Senior year

    Graduated High School
  • After high school

    Took a year off from school to relax and travel
  • College

    Started my freshman year at Schoolcraft college as a RN major.