My Life Long Adventure

By ananyam
  • The first touch to the world...

    I, Ananya am born. Here my adventure started...
  • I joined nursery!

    Nursery was very fun, after nursery me and my mum always deored at a snack shop.... YUMMY! I can still feel the taste of the chips! :P
  • Shifting to a new world

    We were migrates of India, so we shifted to Sharjah, UAE.
  • Beggining of Kindergarden 1

    I still remeber the children singig the alphabets!
    I started learning french and arabic too.
  • A skip?

    I attended the first dew days of kindergarden 2, then the head thought I was a bit ahead for KG acadimics. So it was decided, i had to skip KG2 and there on the next day i was in grade 1!
  • A change!

    Our ffamily had sucessedded if the buissnes, so we shifted to Mirdiff. There I joined cambridge international school (2nd grade) , the same school which Chriss Brown had studied in when he was young!
  • Period: to

    In Cambridge!

    All the time i was in Cambridge international school, where i carried on till year 4.
  • Skiing!

    I was a very active child, I used to play all sorts of sports like ice-skating , cycling, basketball, football, swimming, baseball, running, skateboarding, etc. We planned to have a trip to switzerland, where i first learnt skiing!
  • New friends...

    The memory i will never forget, when i met laura and max!
  • New year's gift!

    We waited as a group till the clock struck 12:00. When it did, we ran out and the first snowflake fell. The second after i was cuddled in maxes arm's , well for the picture only! :P
  • I joined DIA

    By august I had joined Dubai International Academy , year 5.
  • Period: to

    Continuing in DIA

    The best school ever.... With the best friends ever!
  • I joined campsuise!

    I got assigned to take a trip to camp swiss in switzerland