My life line

Timeline created by DayanaGuerrero
  • Birth

    i was born in Bucaramanga, in 1998
  • First Year

    My parents tell me that in my first year I was a quiet, happy and sleepy person. My hair stood out because it was in the shape of an afro and my big eyes
  • My first day of kindergarten

    I entered kindergarten at age 4, my teacher's name is Rosa
  • I graduated from kindergarten

    At the age of five I graduated from kindergarten with my teacher Rosa
  • Enter the school

    Enter school at age 6
  • my baptism

    my baptism was at my 10th birthday, I passed out in church that day
  • my first communion

    I made my first communion a few days after my baptism, but I was baptized at the age of 10
  • High School

    I did my bachelor's degree at the Damaso Zapata Higher Technical Institute
  • Enter a Salsa Academy

    When I was 14 years old I entered my cousin's salsa academy. I love to dance that kind of music, but due to personal problems I had to leave
  • My first pet

    My first pet was a cat, I've always loved cats
  • my 15 years

    It was a very special day for me, I celebrated with my family and close friends
  • My current pet

    Actually I have a cat called mechas, she's very cute, but very spoiled
  • My first national trip

    I was very excited, it was my first time out of town, trip to San gil and it was very nice
  • Interclasses at my school

    Moments of great happiness, I always liked when the interclasses took place, because I wanted to play football and win
  • trip to medellin

    A very nice experience, we traveled with my schoolmates and our architectural drawing teacher to an architectural fair, it was something very special, we visited very nice places
  • Trip to Cúcuta

    Trip to Cúcuta to participate in a RedColsi seedbed meeting with my project, which involved a tricycle for people with upper limb dismemberment
  • my graduation

    I graduated from the instituo técnico superior damaso zapata at the age of 16
  • My technical career

    I entered the SENA and made a technical career in administrative assistance
  • Log in to do my internship at UNAB

    For me a great opportunity, I entered the UNAB to do my internship, I learned a lot and I obtained a great personal and professional growth
  • I was able to stay on the floor at UNAB

    This opportunity was too special for me, thanks to the support of the people who taught me and helped me with this achievement, start working and acquire new experiences
  • I got a scholarship

    Another great achievement for my life, this day I cried of the emotion and I felt very happy of the opportunities that God gives me
  • My brother left

    It was a very nostalgic day for my whole family, as my brother made the decision to leave for military service
  • Enter the University

    I entered the university and made very special friends, in addition to meeting teachers who leave us great learnings
  • My family

    This day we made our first family trip, we traveled to Toulouse and Coveñas to the oath of flag of my brother who was serving in the Navy
  • 20th Birthday

    This birthday was very nice for me, I shared it with my nephews, my family and my friends, it is an event that I will always remember with a lot of love
  • We won the entrepreneurs' event

    Together with my friend, we won the entrepreneurial event in which we participated with our business idea integral veterinary center
  • The first time I fell off a motorcycle

    This day I was very scared, because it was the first time I fell off a bike in the middle of the road
  • 21st birthday

    My 21st birthday was very exciting, too special, I was very surprised by the details and moments I shared this day with my family, my friends and my boyfriend.
  • first time working from home

    Due to the current pandemic, I'm working from home, and I'm going to do almost four months of telework
  • My boyfriend

    May 17 was our first anniversary and it was from a distance, but it was a day of self-love and self-care.