My Life Events

  • My Birth

    This was the day I was born. I was born around 6:30 in the morning. I weighed almost 10 pounds. The hospital I was born in was Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. My father passed out when I was born. My whole family was there to see me. My aunt from Lafayette was even there.
  • First Day of School

    This was my first day of kindergarten. I had Mrs. Pettigrew for a teacher. I was in an afternoon class. She wasn't there for parts of the year because she was pregnant. Mrs. Pope substituted almost everyday for Mrs. Pettigrew. I did not talk very often. My shy personality led me to having few friends.
  • My Sister's Birth

    My sister, Anne, was born at Lutheran Hospital. This was a very exciting and depressing day. I still wanted to be an only child, but I was also anxious for someone to boss around. My mother stayed in the hospital for two days. While my mother was there, I stayed at my grandparents' house in Fort Wayne. Anne's birthday is only a few days away from Christmas. She was the family's Christmas present.
  • My Brother's Birth

    My brother, Joseph was born at Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne. My sister and I stayed in Fort Wayne with our grandparents. When Joe came home, he was very chubby. He didn't weigh as much as I had at birth though. Anne was not very amused when she was replaced as the baby. I was ecstatic to have a brother, but I didn't like the fact that there was another crying baby in the house. I had to move upstairs into my sister's room when he came home.
  • Trip to Disney

    I went to Disney World in Florida with my grandparents, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Rex, and my cousin, Alex. I met most of the Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Belle, and Eeyore. I got signatures from all of them. It was also my first time on a roller coaster. I hated the roller coaster so much I cried after it ended. We stayed at a hotel on Disney World grounds. We stayed in Disney World for Thanksgiving.