My Life

Timeline created by Youuusuf
  • Early Life

    When I was born.
    1 - 3 years old
    I don't remember anything from that year but after I do
  • Entertainment Era

    When I was 3 years old, My mom got a Laptop for me and my brothers, We used to play online games and flash games for entertainment and studied 1 hour every day to earn 1 hour of playtime. We eventually started getting bored by flash and online games after 2 years.
  • Eating Era

    After I got old enough I could eat normal food instead of baby food which was really good and I could brush, I ate half fried eggs every morning with a glass of milk and bread but at that time I thought the yolk of the egg was poison so I always threw it out the window when no one was looking, Every Sunday we used to get pancakes with maple syrup and have free playtime. And at night another glass of milk
  • Trips Era

    We started going on field trips when we got older, we travelled all over Pakistan for 2 years and it was really fun, sometimes cold something very cold, sometimes hot, sometimes BURNING but I have no idea but I somehow managed it. We used to stay at hotels and it was nice and cozy and fun because every new hotel had a different type of room and type which made it fun. 2012 - 2014
  • Other stuff Era

    After the trips, we went to clubs to learn swimming, archery, shooting, golfing, etc. We went to the hotels in that club and stayed a while. In one of the hotels of the club: Dreamworld. WE HAD A PILLOW FIGHT
    It was so amazing! and I also got to ride the biggest water slide I've ever seen:
    Going around and round with loop-de-loops and water everywhere and in the end with a gigantic SPLASH!!!!
  • Bore-boring era

    With online games we got bored, of course, We just laid and slept for hours doing nothing until I found a game called Roblox. After finding Roblox I played it a bit then created an account then played more!
    We were satisfied by Roblox for lots of years.
  • I dont remember other thing era

    I don't remember more of my life this is it
  • Period: to


    When I was born to this