My Life by Gabriel Scully

  • Sydney Habour Bridge Opening

    Sydney Habour Bridge Opening
    After eight and a half years to build, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened for use
  • Birth of Bruce Willis

    Birth of Bruce Willis
    On the 19th March 1955, German-American actor, Walter Bruce Willis, professionally known as Bruce Willis was born into this world
  • Birth of Brad Jones

    Birth of Brad Jones
    On the 19th March 1982 Liverpool FC reserve GK, Brad Jones from Australia was born
  • My Birth

    At 7:00am on the 19th March 1997 I was born to my mother, Anne Xuereb and dad, Dominic Scully
  • Birth Of My Little Sister

    At 5pm in the afternoon my little sister Natasha was born to Anne Xuereb and Dominic Scully
  • Started Preschool

    Started Preschool
    On this day P began preschool at Church St Kindergarten and Preschool, Because i was thought be outgoing for my age, I did not do kindergartn but, two years of preeschool instead
  • First Day at School

    First Day at School
    This day was my first day of school. I went to St Francis Xavier Primary School Goodna. I was in the class 1 Red and my teacher was Mrs Reynolds
  • Death of my Grandma

    On ANZAC Day 2007 my grandma passed away at the age of 85
  • U11 Boys Soccer Premiers

    In the year of 2008 my school team were named the premiers of U11 Div.1. We were undeafted, and did not concede a single goal during any game.
  • School House Captain

    I was voted to be the Green house Captain for 2009.
  • U12 Swimming Age Champion

    For the second year running i won my respective swimming group age champion.
  • Graduated Primary School

    On this day i recieved my certificate to say I had completed my Primary School education at St Francis Xavier, Goodna
  • Went to Sydney

    Over the christmas holidays of 2009/2010 my family and I travelled down to Sydney via, Armidale and Mudgee. We stayed at my aunties property in Mudgee for a week before continuing on to Sydney where we stayed my Nuna's (mums mums) house in seven hills.
  • U13 Swimming Age Champion

    I won the U13 Swimming Age Champion my first year at SPCC, I won 3 out of my 4 Div.1 races to take out the AC title
  • Met Adam Gilchrist

    Met Adam Gilchrist
    Because of the Amway business my parents are part of, I was lucky enough to meet Adam Gilchrist
  • Won Champion of Champions

    Today the school U16 Boys Elite Futsal squad competed in, and were victorious in the Champion of Champions Futsal tournament held at Bundamba Bastketball Stadium, this was a State competion, by winning this competition we were named the best U16 team in QLD
  • First Job

    First Job
    I began my first job at Amart Sports, although having had the job for a previous 2 months i was not rostered a shift until July 28
  • Competed in the National Schoolboys Futsal Championships

    For a week I was part of the schools U16 and Open Boys Futsal squads whom which competed hte National Scholboys Futsal Championships
  • QLD U16 Boys Futsal

    QLD U16 Boys Futsal
    The day before the holidays I was notified of my selection as the Goalkeeper for the QLD City U16 Boys Futsal side who will be competing in the National Schoolboys Championship in Sept/Oct
  • U11 Swimming Age Champion

    For the first time ever i won swimming age champion for my age group. I won four out of four races, leaving me unbeaten.