My life as Luz

  • birth

    I was born in Michoacan on December 31,1996
  • Great grandfather

    My great grandfather dies
  • family

    we all went to the pools as a family
  • birthday

    All the family got together to celebrate my birthday
  • best friend

    I met my bff wendy in kindergarden
  • sister

    my sister is born on michoacan
  • great grandmother

    My great grandmother dies at age 88
  • elementary school

    I started the second grade
  • cousin

    My cousin Damaris came from California to see me
  • dance

    I was in a school dance with all my best freiends
  • United States

    I came with my mom and sister to the United States
  • brother

    My brother was born
  • West Denver Prep

    I started to go to middle school at West Denver Prep
  • fireworks

    We went to see the fireworks
  • birthday

    I turned 13
  • High school

    I began high school at CEC
  • school

    I started sophomore year