My life

  • I was born

  • 1st smile

  • 1st word

  • 1st steps

  • Birth of my little sister

    Early Childhood-Psycosocial My sister became my brother and I's playmate through our younger years. We didn't get along well during our teens but came back together in our 20's and is now like a best friend.
  • 1st serious injury

    Early childhood-Biosocial
    I was injured while on the back of my father's bike. I still remember being in the hosipital and getting my ankle x-rays
  • Started Kindergarten

    Early Childhood-Cognitive
    I was very excited to start school but was socially not prepared after not attending any preschool.
  • Started dancing

    Middle Childhood-Biosocial
    I started dancing at 6 and continued on, adding different classes and joining a competitive team until we moved in 1986
  • Started a new school

    Middle Childhood- Cognitive - After school testing, my parents and I were given the option for me take part in a new program. I left my neighborhood school to be bussed to a new program at another school in the district for the "academically talented program" from 4th to 6th grade
  • My family moved from Michigan to Arizona

    Middle childhood- Psychosocial
    My family moved to Arizona, the beginning of my 7th grade year. I was very excited and anxious to begin our new lives in another state.
  • 1st mentrual period

    Adolescence - Biosocial
    We had just moved again and I didn't even tell my parents, things were not very good at home and no longer felt a strong connection to my parents. I started rebelling in school and went from all A's to failing grades after my 3rd middle school.
  • Started first romantic relationship

    Adolescence - Psycosocial
    The relationship lasted for two years with a boy 2 years older than me and was for the most part, a positive experience but I broke up with him in my senior year.
  • Graduated High School

    Adolescence - Cogitive
    I took summer school the summer before my senior year in order to graduate early, as I did not develop many friendships and did not really enjoy high school. I left high school one semester early but still went to the end of the year festivities, although it was not the same and felt out of place at prom and senior party after working and hanging out with my older coworkers.
  • Started College

    Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive
    I started college at Eastern Michigan University. I was very excited about this new chapter and was commuting with a good friend until we moved into an apartment our sophmore year.
  • Got married

    Emerging Adolescence - Psycosocial
    After cohabitating for about a year, I got pregnant and we decided to get married before the baby was born. Our wedding was welcomed by both sides of our families and we had a wonderful time.
  • Birth of my son

    Emerging Adulthood- Biosocial
    My son was born 6 weeks premature by C section and with severe physical disabilities. Although we knew after the 1st ultrasound, he would be disabled, the reality hit hard and we were very unprepared for the life ahead of us. Nonetheless, once the critical period was over, it was a joyous occasion and we were excited to bring our son home after weeks in the NICU
  • My daughter was born

    My daughter was born without incident. We had been told she too may have a disablilty after ultrasound, but thankfully she was born healthy and we went home the next day. Her brother instantly fell in love with her, as did we.
  • Joined the PTO at my kids school

    When my son started kindergarten, I joined the PTO and began a 6 year run on the board serving in many positions until my kids left for middle school. The friendships I made during this time were fantatstic and remain friends with many of them today. These friendships were focused around the children and my kids became my central focus. I became very active in the district and ended up in my current postiion at the special needs preschool as a result.
  • Began my reading of the Bible

    I was raised without a solid base in any religion. As I and my children got older, I decided to start taking them to a local church and dedicated a year to reading the Bible cover to cover. It changed my outlook on many aspects of my life, my and children and I were later babtized together. They both have developed a deep faith and trust in God.
  • Retired

    Late adulthood-Psycosocial
    I am hoping to retire with my husband with enough years and health to enjoy some traveling together. I hope to have grandchildren that we can spend a lot of time with during these years.
  • Knee replacement

    Late adulthood-Biosocial
    I always joke about, but am somewhat serious, that my right knee wiill be the first replacement. It has always been a weak spot and over the years continues to show more and more signs of wear. I am hoping to last until then to have surgery on it. My mother has already had two knee replacements by age 63.
  • Developed Alzheimer's

    Late Adulthood-cognitive
    I am hoping this will not be the case or that at least there will be better treatment for the disease by then. In learning about the genetic component of Alzheimer's, if I live until 80 it is likely I will have a 50/50 chance of developing the disease. My grandmother and great Aunt both had Alzheimer's.
  • Died

    Epilogue - using the life expectancy claculator results. My predicted age at death was 91