My Life

  • Where it all began

    on March 25, 1999 I was born in St. Joseph hospoital, Baltimore Maryland. On this day, George Lion Hart (king of England) got shot by an arrow that killed him. When was moddernd medison was put in place.
  • It can talk???

    Also in 1999, I sead my first word. Who spock the first languidge
  • colorado

    In 2000 I took my first vacation to colorado and saw a lot of interesting places. One being the city of pueblos. How many old indiean citys are there.
  • Lil Bro

    On October 17, 2003 My little brother, Zachary, was born. How manny babys where boren in 2003
  • First day

    My first day at school was at dumpty school. How many school are there in maryland
  • I got to get out of hear

    In 2007, I traveld out of the country for the first time. My destination... the Dominican Republic! What is the history of the Dominican Republic?
  • I'm in the middle

    In 2010, I started middle school at Jemicy school. When was school invented.
  • Move it

    On July 2, 2012 I moved out of Maryland, and into North Carolina.
    How many peaple move to North Carolina each year.
  • On the top

    Last year I Graduated Middle School, and up into High school
  • Shut Up and Drive

    In may, I was able to get my learners premit, i have been driving ever sence. What is the youngest driving age in the world?