My Life

  • I was born

    This was the day I was born.
  • First Dirt Bike Ride

    This is my first dirt bike ride
  • Rock In My Elbow

    I fell off my bike and got a rock in my elbow.
  • I caught my first bass

    On this day I caught my first bass.
  • My first snowmobile ride

    This was the day my brother and I rode snowmobiles.
  • I tore my tendon in my finger

    This is when I tore my tendon in my finger when I crashed on my dirt bike.
  • (New) dirt bike

    This is when I got a 1990 Cr 250 that I have still not worked on yet.
  • REDDD BUDDDD!!!!!!!!

    This is a big dirt bike race that I go to over the 4th of July
  • School Starts

    I started school on this date.
  • Start Of The Trap Season

    This is the start of the new shooting club season.