My life! <3

Timeline created by cecejohn
  • my birthday!

    born in chicago,IL.... the windy city and little chi town! <3
  • first play

    when I 7 years old, I wrote my own play called "sleepless crime never dies" and was performed in a theater at my teachers acting school. I also performed in it just to enjoy being one of the characters I created.
  • ballet recital

    hated ballet!!!! but i did it for my mom to get her of my back so i can focus on my future....
  • went to disney for my litle sisters golden birthday!

  • my baby brother is born!!!

  • my greatest acheivements!

    published orginal novels and poems in books and online!!!!
  • went to cuba!!!

  • movie time!!!

    screenwrited a few works and helped produce films for film festivals for others to see!!!
  • went on a cruise for my golden birthday!! <3

  • went camping

  • meeting with producer

    met with a producer who is known for working with george lucas.....director of the star wars triliogy. are are currently working together on putting my foot into the film industry after college. we have been working on a few ideas for the silver screen. :)