My Life <3

  • Birthday

    In Oskaloosa, Iowa at Mahaska Hostital
  • My first Christmas

    My first Christmas
    first Christmas with my family
  • Paige's Birthday

    Paige's Birthday
    My oldest younger sister was born
  • Spencer's Birthday

    Spencer's Birthday
    My little brother was born
  • Faith's Birthday

    Faith's Birthday
    My youngest sibling was born
  • Confirmation

    I was confirmed in the Pella Catholic church
  • First game of the 2011 season

    First game of the 2011 season
    Our first ASA game to kick off a season of great expectations: scrimmage at Eddyville High School
  • Hopefully first car

    Hopefully first car
    Maybe I'll get my first car on my 15th birthday
  • Callie Arnold's Birthday

    Callie Arnold's Birthday
  • Sweet 16!

    Sweet 16!
    Big summer birthday party
  • My first high school prom

    My first high school prom
    go shopping with friends buy a gorgeous dress and my guy's matching corsage
  • Graduate

    From Oskaloosa High School
  • College

    move out of the family home and move into the Iowa State campus. major in the arts and play softball and volleyball for ISU
  • 21st Birthday

    21st Birthday
    Partying with friends
  • Just Married

    Just Married
    marry the man of my dreams
  • First child

    First child
    Our first child is born. It's a boy: 7lbs 5oz
  • Second child

    Second child
    Our second child is born. It's a girl: 8lbs, 4oz
  • Third child

    Third child
    Our third child is born. It's a girl: 6lbs, 7oz
  • Promotion!

    Big job oppurtunity arrrises and my income increases
  • Vacation

    After the big promotion, I have enought money to go on a luxurious criuse to the Carribean islands