Picture 19

My Life

  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
    ...I Had ALL The Love From My Parents
  • Period: to

    My Lifetime

  • My Brother Was Born

    My Brother Was Born
    Very Cute.... and Naughty
  • Went To K4

    Went To K4
    I Went Kind of Early
  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    When in SCS 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grader Now!!

    2nd Grader Now!!
    Mrs.Flores Was My Teacher~
  • Got Sick

    Got Sick
    ...I almost Died...
  • 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade
    I Got Older!!
  • 4th Grade

    4th Grade
    A Happy 4th Grader.
  • My Dog

    My Dog
    It's My Beagle+Basset Hound Mix,BOLT!!
  • 5th Grade Rocks!!!

    5th Grade Rocks!!!
    I an AWSOME 5th Grader Now!
  • 6thGrade

    11years old!!
    With my brother~
  • Today~

    Today Me