My life

By Maytem
  • The day i was born

    My parents were glad I was a girl
  • Period: to

    my life

  • First words at 8 months

    Everyone was overjoyed about my first word.
  • First year of life

  • I hurt my arm

    I remember playing with my cousins one afternoon and we were playing with boxes. I fell and ended up with a cast.
  • First day of ECE

    My very first day of school
  • I go to California

    This was one of my best summer with the family. I was young and we went to Disneyland.
  • Fifth grade continuation

  • 6th grade

  • 7th grade

    These was one of the years where I had really tried my best.
  • 8th grade

  • Freshmen year

    I was very excited but scared also to begin my first year in high school. It turns out there was nothing to worry about.
  • My Quinceanera

    This was a wonderful, most spectacular and most remembered day of my life.
  • Sophmore year

    I have many hope and goals this year and wish to meet them all at the end of the year.