MY life

By Tinita
  • Tinita was born

    Tinita was born
    On the 26 07 1995 I was born at the Caboolture Hospital at 7:00am. When i was , born my mum said that i was born feet frist and i was a premature baby and weighed about 2 pounds.
  • my frist birthday cake

    my frist birthday cake
    In 1996 I had my frist birthday.
  • My brother was born.

    My brother was born.
    In 1997 my brother was born and i was no longer the yongest .
  • Sister was born

     Sister was born
    On the 25-5-99 my sister was born .
  • moving in with aunty

     moving in with aunty
    in 2000 i movid in with my aunty . this year I got a vase thrown at my face. All i can remember was alot of blood
  • moved in mum and was put in hospital

     moved in mum and was put in hospital
    I moved back in with my mum and that year i also was put in hospital because i got diagnosed with something that made me very sick.i remember a nurse giving me a milk and jam toast.
  • stared year one

    in 2002 i stared year one at beenleigh state school but i didnt stay their for long i went to about 5 other school
  • year 2

    in year 2 my best friend at the time got hit by car
  • fingers

    in 2004 i brock my fingers
  • moved in with nan

    in 2004 i moved in with my nan and went to kruger start school i missed alot of other schooling so i really stared in year 3
  • eye op

    in 2005 I had a operation on my eye. I had a raction to the aenethestic and was sick .
  • moved to sa

    in 2006 my brother died and my friend moved to SA
  • New school

    in 2008 i was in year 7 i stared at CSS and a friend of mind who moved to NSW moved back and stared at the same school as i did so so that made me happy
  • stared high school

    stared high school
    in 2009 i stared at st peter claver and thats where i meet taylor. for the first 8 week of school taylor and i didnt hang out untill her other friend just said we dont want to be friends anymore i did say that i was alway here if she want to hang out with me and my other friends . thats where our friendship stared
  • swimming

    in year 9 i stared swimming i made it to metwet but miss out going to school nat
  • QLD team swimming

    in year 10 i made it to the queensland school team for swimmg i went to melbourne and then i to canberra for swimming and i also made it to starts
  • Age champ, realy for life

    in 2012 i made age champ for swimming at claver. I went to sydney for swimming and made new friends . i did relay for life at nambour i rasted $200
  • swimming

    this year so far i got bad news that my grandma died. its my last year of school and for school swimming
  • medels

    these are some of medels i have
  • Moving out and starting work

    in 2015 i hope to be living at the sunshine coast in a flat and having a job become a swimming coach or a swim teacher