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  • Birth

    This is the day that I was born and was the largest baby ever born in Troy Alabama
  • Move to Mobile

    I moved to Mobile and started over with making new friends at new schools.
  • Tombone Started

    Tombone Started
    This was the year that I decided to like music and play tombone. It was a pretty longterm decision as well.
  • End of MIddle School

    This was probable the best day ever because I was finally out of middle school. Very good thing for me!
  • Freshman Year At Davidson HIgh School

    My first day in high school at Davidson High School
  • Moving High Schools and Big Brother Leaving High School

    This was the last day of my freshman year knowing that I would never go to Davidson High School Again. Also my borther graduated this day and I almmost got kicked out of the band for playing my trombone as loud as I could when he walked across the stage.
  • Macys Day Parade

    I was able to go to the Macy Day Parade in New York City with Baker High School Marching Band. It was so much fun and alot of trouble at the same time.
  • Graduation

    I finally graduated high school and chose to go to University of South Alabama. I have not regretted any of the decisions I have made with staying home in college.
  • Right this minuted

    I am in college and I am doing this timeline because it is my life. Awesome class and a great decision.