My life!

By cali14
  • My step dad and Dads birthday!

    Yes, My stepdad and dad have the same birthday!
    It's kinda of weird because they both married my mom!
    I love my dad so because even though he wasn't in my life the whole time I will always love him that's my dad!
    Now my step dad my step dad has been there most of my life when My real dad wasn't !
    I love my step dad!
    Im sooo spoiled my step dad, I get pretty much what I want!
    I just have to ask and he says I'll think about it but it's always alright get it(:
    But yeah? Pretty weird!
  • About my mommy!

    My mommy!<3
    My mom is the BEST!
    She spoiles me but not like my step dad!
    I back talk and smart off to my mom but I really regret it!
    Were teenagers and we have the back talks but When your not going to have your parents your going to regret it all!
    My mom is so cool but sometimes ambarrssing! I love my mom too death!
  • 1998

    On August 8th,1992, My mom found out she was having a baby girl she was so excited and craved pizza all the time!
    The family was so happy and couldn't wait until my sister was born!
  • My sissy was born !

    Even though I wasn't born when my sister was born She's still my sister & I'm SO glad to have a sister like her! She is 20 right now!
    She's a great sister & we can tell each other anything we can keep our secrets and talk about pretty much anything! I love my sister too death!<3
  • I was born!

    On January 15h,1998, My mom went into labor and was ready to have me!
    The family was so excited and couldn't wait until I was born!
    mY SISTER WAS so jealous she was having another daughter.
  • The time I was born!

    I was born at 7:56 p.m. I was a VERY healthy baby and My family was so happy about me coming into this world!
  • When I moved my elementary school :/

    I went to sutton from kindergarten till half of 3rd grade!
    When I found out I was moving to Hancock county I didn't want to go at all for one I have so many close friends from there, I hate moving schools and meeting new friends:/
    But I only went to hancock county for like a couple weeks!
    Then moved back to owensboro.
    But now that I got back at OMS in 6th grade I saw all my friends from Sutton!(:
  • Mom & dad got divorced :/

    I didn't know My parents were getting divorced because I was so little!
    My mom & Dad split up & I never got to see my dad he never came around!
  • When me & my sister found out my dad and his gf were having a baby!....

    My dad didn't tell us my moms sister told us because she was friends with my dads girlfriend!i wasn't really shocked because I didn't think my dad would have another child!
    People say I should call him my half brother but I don't claime him because i just don't really know him I saw him twice.
  • When my dad starting coming back around me & saw him a few times..

    My dad left me and my sister and never chose to be around but he chose to see me a couple times but I never really wanted to see him because He left me so why see him then?
    But we got it all figured out!
  • When I turned 14!

    When I turned 14 my 14th birthday was so fun!
    My BEST'friend harley was there, Madison, Hunter, & My boyfriend david!
    That night was so amazing and couldn't be any happier!
    I was so glad I turned 14.
    i couldn't wait till I turned 14 at 12 on january 15th.